Sep. 13th, 2013

ITP: Squid

Sep. 13th, 2013 09:36 am
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Who does not puts the proper name for an ingredient on the menu?

Who does not warn their patrons when said ingredient is still moving?

My friends, please, do not go to a restaurant called 'Bits and Bites', the menu is deceitful and the food not at all palatable. If you are serving whole squid then please: Put on the menu that it is squid, not 'calamari' or whatever other name it goes by to hide the fact. Furthermore, please mention it is still liable to move on the plate. What I managed to receive that was edible was rubbery, burnt, and had no flavor whatsoever. The menu promised it would be 'swimming in butter and basil' and yet there was no butter and a single leaf is not making a food item 'swim' in basil.

Their appetizers left much to be desired as well, but at least I could stomach them. I ordered the 'shrimp and pork ball with spicy lime dipping sauce.' I could not distinguish the shrimp from the pork and the spice in the sauce was so strong I could not taste the lime. In fact, I do not think it had lime in it at all, simply whatever the cooks could find of a similar green color. I do not want to hazard a guess as to what it was, but it most certainly did not taste like lime. The 'balls' themselves were palatable, just did not taste like either pork or shrimp. So I did not go completely hungry during the hour I waited for my meal to finish.

The wait staff, while I understand they were busy and the restaurant was full, refused to speak to the chef for me when I brought my complaints to their attention. They refused to take my plate back, nor exchange it for even another simple appetizer without charging me for it. Forgive me, but is the saying in this modern age that 'the customer is always right'?

They said I should at least try it. Upset as I was, this was fair. The squid put me off, but I should give it a chance, correct? If it turned out to be flavorful then I would have apologized for my outburst even if a whole squid to eat is a nauseating thought.

Yet it moved as soon as I stuck a fork in it to cut it.

My friends, there are many reactions one can have to such a thing happening. Many of them are very reasonable, including being upset. Many would be angry or upset and there are ways the wait staff could have handled my reaction. Anything from replacing the plate with a properly cooked squid to offering to give me another entree in its place. At that point I was ready to leave the restaurant of my own accord. Having a person escorted from the building for their reaction is not one of them.


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