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[Conscious (when she wants to be) of appearances, for this post Valeria has put on a nice blouse without any girly-looking ruffles or bumblebee appliques, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. This does not make her look any less like a three year old, but at least she's a three year old with neatly-styled hair in a shirt that doesn't scream "daycare escapee."]

People from my universe might know about Dad's new think tank, the Future Foundation.

[Reed got onstage at a futurism conference, told everyone they were losers and he was starting his own club with hookers and blowmoloids and clones, and dropped the mic.]

On top of some functions that aren't relevant here [giving a bunch of supergenius kids something constructive to do] it's a science-in-the-interests-of-humanity thing and I'm founding it here, too. The paperwork's all in order and the startup capital's arranged [thanks, Tony!] so now I'm hiring. I don't have specific roles in mind, since the Foundation's organization is intentionally ad hoc. Research scientists are always welcome and will have a lot of freedom within our general mandate, but I'm not interested in the kind of intellectual monoculture you get from surrounding yourself with academics, so a PhD isn't required. You will need to have or earn lab qualifications.

[Val learned something from the Shrink Ray Incident.]

Our initial project's going to be getting Dad's most recent generation of Skrull detectors online. There's no new theory involved, just implementation, so it'll make a good shakedown. After that, we can take on some humanitarian and public interest work.

[Annnnd here comes the annoying part, at least as far as Val's concerned.]

Since I'm not a legal adult, most of the outward-facing stuff is going to have to be done by other people. Holograms and voice masking don't cut it for more than casual face-to-face interactions. Internally, I'll be supervising, so you have to not mind reporting to me. [Don't be ageist!] ...The salary and benefits are competitive, if that helps.

[Now everyone can tell her what a terrible idea this is. It will have no impact whatsoever.]
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[ When the comm flicks on, the first thing in view is the familiar form of, well, the Shade. In his usual dapper clothing, the top hat and all, but he’s leaning forward against what is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a bar. One gloved hand idly drags itself back and forth across the polished wood, and it’s practically glimmering under the low lights and candles they have set up around the place. Behind him is Cross, who looks quite the opposite who is sitting on polished hardwood floors and staring at a set up of something or the other. It’s not really come together, but the way that he stares at it is obviously not healthy. Or when he gets up and moves something a little to the right and then sits back down again to stare at it again. Timcampy, at some point gets bored of this too and opts that Shade’s tophat is better than Cross’ head. Shade, who dips slightly from the weight, quirks his eyebrows, and then looks up, like he can see the thing, even if he can’t. If anything, he looks more annoyed than anything else, like he has been suffering this sort of thing for far too long already. ]

You know, of all the troubles that come into owning a business, I did not think that this would be it. [ And he tips his head back at Cross, at whom Shade is obviously getting a bit annoyed with. He isn’t really a people person, okay. ] I’m not suited for this sort of work, you know. [ Obviously more at Cross than the camera. ]

You’re the one that insists on babysitting me. [He says it as if he’s not actually present in the room, moving to stand on the bar to reach over things to finish off what seems to be a drawing of a Lion’s head. Therefore, he has to make sure that their liquor lines up. He has fake bottles filled with the terrible stuff he’s been drinking (it’s under a grand, that qualifies as terrible) and keeps moving back and forth.]

Because if I didn’t then this would have been a waste of an investment before we even opened.

[There’s just a look cast in his direction, as if Shade knows that Cross didn’t get this place legally. With Bond gone, it just so happened that they were the two people left with this fine establishment.]

I don’t care what you say, a cast iron, fire breathing lion in front of our club would be amazing.

[He might have already started work on that. What Shade doesn’t know won’t hurt him and if anyone else asks, he’ll dodge the question.] Also, why are you advertising? It’s not polite to spy on a lady while she gets ready, you know.

For workers, Cross. They need to be licensed and trained, don’t they? I’m certainly not the one who’s going to be running this place. That sounds suspiciously like a lot of work, and I’m retired, remember?

[ He waves a hand at the camera, as if that spoke enough about it. It wasn’t like Shade was going to be serving people. If anything, he wanted to simply make a killing on what they made from it. ] I shouldn't be expected to work, these days.

[Cross isn’t listening, he’s up to trying to make whatever it is that he’s working on to be symmetrical. In fact, he climbs over Shade’s brand new bar to do so.]

Cross! Please try to restrain yourself?

It’s not symmetrical, it’s going to look like some dumb kid did it.

You’re obsessed. Leave it, and help me find some people to actually do the work.

Like hell I’m going to let any person touch this. [Don’t you want to work for these great gentleman? Even while they bicker, the bottles start moving, pools of black either moving them out of place, or in the case of one, it falls to the ground, but doesn’t shatter. It just lands with a soft thunk, ] I have to start all over again!

[Being the mature adult Cross is, he throws a bottle at Shade’s head. Shade simply creates a portal and teleports to the other side of the room while the camera gets knocked off by Timcampy’s fat butt.]

[ooc: shade and cross]


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