Sep. 19th, 2013

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[ part one: voice ]

[ Click. On comes the voice function, but it's not the voice of an imPort, new or old, that greets listeners. No, it's a different, possibly familiar voice...the guy who runs that show about ancient aliens on the Mystery Channel? What's he doing on the network? ]

--see that the constellation Orion is not wielding a bow, but a highly advanced laser that the ancient Greeks couldn't have known about without a certain kind of intervention. Now, I'm not saying it was aliens, but...

Right, naturally you would never actually say that, Mr. Townsey. Would you repeat the part about the Fates? I hate to say, but I didn't catch it the first time.

[ Now that's an imPort's voice, and this one closer to the communicator. It's Archer. ]

Of course. Let me begin by speaking of the shape of the stegosaurus's spines. If you compare each one to--

The Fates, Mr. Townsey. Let me guess, you're "getting there"? I'll buy you another drink if you "get there" in the next fifteen seconds.

Uh, as proven by the stegosaurus, the Fates are very real, and have been since the beginning of time. Again and again, they are reincarnated as vessel after vessel, always maintaining their awareness of the cyclical existence of the universe.

It's like I said. That's a seriously interesting theory. Would you tell me this? The thing you mentioned so vaguely on the messageboard. It has to do with this, doesn't it?

That's correct!

[ Our resident ancient alien expert actually sounds like he's already had a few drinks, courtesy of Archer. ]

Twenty thousand dollars can buy a lot of flowers, Mr. Archer, and ratings were looking bleak. Your Vulcanus...they're not that bad, are they? All they wanted was all my notes on the Fates. All my conclusive evidence of their reincarnations! I wish I could tell you more, but you know about my notes and that fire. Speaking of fire, you know there's no longer any dispute on it at all?

On what.

Whether Greek fire was made by aliens, of course!

[ Archer shuts off the communicator then. But about ten minutes later... ]

[ part two: video ]

[ Archer is outside now, atop a hill, with the city of San Francisco sprawling out in the background. ]

Isn't that interesting? Some mad idiot with notions about aliens, and Vulcanus pays him quite a bit of hard cash for all his notes on the Fates. Wasn't I wondering, some time ago? Where are the other two seems Vulcanus was wondering as well.

Well, his ideas are probably useless. But there's one thing that caught my interest. He said something like this: "Since the Industrial Revolution, none of the Fates' reincarnations have been human."


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