Sep. 23rd, 2013

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[ Today, Abed is casually sitting in a finely furnished, stereotypical for elegant and sophisticated film viewing hosts living room. Red velvet and firelight, fine golden candlesticks, you know the drill. It's an illusion, but he likes to have the mood set for quests like these. Time to stop playing around. Time to get serious.

Or not quite. ]

So I'm currently in casting for a group of lovable misfits to bond with in our shared unlikely circumstances. Not the kind of casting that pays. [ Way to open smoothly. ]

My name's Abed Nadir. I'm a film student and I'm in my early twenties, but there isn't really a need to match my age or interests. I like to coordinate groups to be diverse. It gets a broader range of results and unexpected friendships. There's a study group back home that would make great testimony, but most of them aren't here.

It's not a study group recast, by the way. They're kind of irreplaceable and I don't have the patience for the Becky Conner or Vivian Banks schtick. Different circumstances demand different profiles, anyway. A new group. A fresh start. Season one of AfterM*A*S*H but with actual success. You can respond if you're interested in pursuing that. You'd also be signing a waiver stating that I can make a web series based on various in-group shenanigans. Romantic tension is okay, but if you can avoid it or hold off until our routines are more established, that would be better.

Just remember to be yourself. [ Oh, wait. ] But be yourself being interesting, I can't carry a social clique on my own.

Cool. Thanks.
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[ Her posts are usually more involved and animated, but Yako starts out sounding more contemplative. ]

It's surprising how much time passes before you realize it. Normally, the equinox marks the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn, but it doesn't seem like something that most people pay attention to here.

In Japan, it's a holiday -- a time to spend with your family. [ A beat. ] It's also considered a chance for the living to show their respect for the dead. There's a holiday like that here too, isn't there? I wonder why they all come near the end of the year...

[ Needless to say, her tone's quick to shift to something brighter. ]

...Still, what I really like about this time of the year are the different kinds of food you can eat! Things seem to just taste better once the weather starts getting colder. [ Or maybe that's just you, Yako. ]

I don't think I'm going to get the chance to visit Japan any time soon, but it's a good chance to try out new dishes here. Is there anything you'd recommend?


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