Sep. 27th, 2013

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[ kanaya is sitting behind an office desk, playing a pen between her fingers as she contemplates a checkbook. there are three ledgers open on the desk and she looks like she's seen as much of any of them as she can stand. for some completely inexplicable reason she's wearing a very conspicuous pair of reading glasses, maybe she was hoping they'd make her smarter.

she never asked for any of this, but then, she never asked for most of the things she has. the look on her face is one of frustration fighting it's way out.

It would be unrealistic to think I'm the only one, but have you ever looked back on the things you've devoted your time to and wondered if you ever really accomplished anything to begin with? Perhaps you hadn't regretted a moment of it for the majority of the time it was in progress, but you come to the end and realize just how empty-handed it's left you. One can't help wondering how much of it was really worth it, how much had simply been a...a waste of attention.

[ of course it must have been. she actually really liked this job, how else could it have ended up? she flicks her pen down on the desk and it bounces somewhere offscreen. ]

I suppose it's something of a metaphor for life in the City as a whole, when you think about it. Sand running through our fingers, but for some ridiculous reason we felt it appropriate to arrange it into some kind of pattern we thought may have been meaningful for the short seconds it lasts.

[ she finally levels her gaze on the camera, sitting up straighter and steepling her fingers. ]

There's a point I'm getting to. Maybe you'll have seen the notice already, but that would require you to actually buy the damn thing, and no one's fooling themselves about that, but this week's issue of City Lights, our twenty-fourth and the marking of our second year's close, is the last. The magazine simply can't sustain itself under the challenges of poor circulation, a dwindling staff, and lack of interest.

To those of you who subscribed to our humble periodical over its two years of publication, though let's be honest, that was almost none of you, on behalf of our current and past staff, we deeply appreciate your support, both financial and sentimental. Shame it wasn't enough! [ this last part she says with the most deliberately insincere smile she's ever worn. so maybe she's a bit upset. at least donna isn't here to be disappointed in her, though she's going to take for granted she would be anyway, no matter how untrue that really is. ]

While we're on the topic of things that have been draining like a sieve, if you've yet to notice, there are a few more names to add to our absences. Shinji Ikari, Jake English, Astral, and Jessica Wakefield are no longer in this universe. Who knows, at the rate Lachesis is currently going, it could be that Vulcanus will finally have what they've always wanted!

[ the smile only seems to grow larger and faker as she cuts the feed. ]

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