Sep. 30th, 2013

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Geez, I just looked back and people aren't kidding...a lot of us have gotten ported out lately. It's too much to hope that we're all going home, right? Maybe I'd better start making preparations.

Which makes me wonder. How do people decide who to leave their stuff to, when they go? I've ended up with a business, an apartment building, two cats, five motorcycles, and a jet shaped like dragon thanks to people Porting home and deciding I'm somehow responsible enough to own all this shit. Someday it'll be my turn, and I don't know who to pawn it all off on. Since, I don't know if I trust anybody to run Soundwave's dance club or handle Kaiba's jet.

It's funny, you know? How much some people leave behind, and how others just get completely forgotten. How much are the rest of us going to leave behind? Are you building a company that's just going to fold a month after your precious ass Ports home? Or are you building a lasting legacy that's still around years later, like statues in Central Park, something for people to look at and know that Imports were here. Long after we're all gone, are we going to be remembered by anyone besides the sensationalist pseudo-documentaries on the lowest-tier history channels?

...ever watched those? They're hilarious. It makes no sense to be flailing about whether or not aliens exist when I know for a fact I've talked to quite a few right here on the network.

Oh well. Guess it's back to figuring out who wants my cats.

II. [text]

Sep. 30th, 2013 11:36 am
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How do you so easily resign yourselves to the inevitable?

You simply accept that you cannot control your stay here; that there will be threats to your lives and livelihood, that you are at the whims of another...and that, ultimately, you have no control. Even when dying, there is an air of defeat about you.

Is this a Human trait?


Sep. 30th, 2013 03:16 pm
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[The last time Charlie used her communicator, she was angry. People might remember her angry threats to hack into the porter, and wrest control from it - to change the rules of this place. They might also remember warning her against it.

Unfortunately, what they didn't mention was that it had safe guards specifically against mental-interfacing like hers working. Her plan failed. Spectacularly.

Lying in bed, now, people can probably still see the effects of being electrocuted to near death; that, and a rather messy room covered in food wrappers. She doesn't look like she's left this place in a month.]

I hate this place....
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So, apparently all the little pieces are coming together.

So much so, that it got some of us thinking, in particular Dr. Solus. Now, the thing about it, is that he's a bit busy at the moment, but he wanted me to share what we found out. [ A pause. He doesn't necessarily agree, but hey, information at a cost is information. ]

I'm sure the subject of Dr. Townsend was a bit of a surprise, when we figured out that this, well, interesting fellow had some interesting ideas, didn't he? Obviously, Vulcanus thought so, or else they wouldn't have invested into it so readily. Conspiracy theories always have an interesting twist to them, they're always grounded in a seed of truth, even if sometimes that gets buried.

So anyway, back on topic. I'm afraid the good doctor is unavailable at this time, ensuring that our sources are taken care of, and all of that. You see, our Dr. Townsey helped out Vulcanus in a big way. The source Dr. Solus found was a professor of quantum physics, and she had a theory about interdimensional travel. See, there's a funny thing about travel between planes, I'm starting to think, and that's that it doesn't always work the same way. Where I come from, after all, it's not exactly a big deal. In others, it's unthinkable, but it's still something that could happen. Anyway, our professor was trying to transport items, organic beings between planes, but it wasn't going well.

That is, apparently, until Dr. Townsey fell into the mix. Apparently, Vulcanus was drawing froma multitude of sources, when they pulled this together. The problem was power. Which, generally, is a pretty big problem. You require a lot of energy to move from one to another, and apparently, they didn't think asking some of us was a good idea. Rightfully so, of course. Not just any power, though, gravitational force. [ He has his own theories about that, based on the research, but only tech people care about that, right? There's a soft click, like the sound of a tongue against the inside of his mouth, thoughtful. ]

Anyway, the rabbit hole's getting a bit deeper, isn't it? Understanding the how is the key to understanding the rest of this. I can make deductions, but the more important thing is that we stop their attempts. Vulcanus can keep working all they want at this, and they obviously have the resources, so we'll need to take this a step further.

But, at least, now we can have an idea of where to go from here. There aren't many ways that they can do this and stay hidden, I'd think.

§ 061.

Sep. 30th, 2013 11:58 pm
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This isn't the first time it's happened, obviously, but with the departure of the most recent headmaster of the Institute, there has been a shift in the hierarchy of the faculty once more. Classes will continue, of course.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the new headmaster. I'm sure he will be delighted to help you. [a.k.a. "i ain't dealin with no counciling shit"]


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