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[ The video opens up to a humble little scene: a plush chair pulled up behind a table, which has two tall-stemmed glasses settled upon it. As Kirei steps into view, he has a bottle of wine in his hands to fill those very glasses. He addresses the camera as he unwraps the foil from the bottle's neck. ]

In my world, there is something known as the Holy Grail War.

[ It's something that shouldn't be spoken of so openly, but we're not in Fuyuki anymore, so what's the harm? Rin may surely scold him, but he's not concerned.

In fact, Kirei looks oddly uncaring in general -- and in the carefree sort of way, not the usually deadpan kind. Something has him in a pleasant mood. The foil is removed, crumpled neatly in his hand and tossed offscreen, into some unseen disposal. That done, he collects a corkscrew from the tabletop.

Seven mages, who are known as Masters, summon seven Heroic Spirits, known as Servants, and do battle. They fight for the Holy Grail itself, which grants any wish that your heart may desire.

[ That last bit isn't so much that truth, but we'll omit that detail. ]

The exact makings of a Heroic Spirit are not so difficult to define; they are figures of history and myth, so revered for their might and their sacrifices that they become legend. Their name, and their history, are a story that has survived through years, and that gives them power.

That is what I imagine, when the Porter refers to those summoned here as 'Hero.'

[ After some careful handling, the cork comes free with a satisfying pop, and he begins to fill both glasses with a very red wine. Once that's done, he pushes one glass closer to the camera: for you, Network! ]

However, that leaves a question: for what reason does Lachesis summon so many to this City? [ Kirei steps around the table, settling down into that plush chair with his wine in hand. ] And what seats you among the worthy?

What wish would you risk your life for, Hero?

[ Kirei smiles, raises his glass, and takes a drink. ]
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[There's a small, concerned grunt. He doesn't like using this method to get answers... but he feels he has no choice. Piccolo speaks up]

Has anyone seen Kenzi?

[He lets out a breath]

She... hasn't been home and she's not at her usual places.

Gil, is she with you?


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