Oct. 2nd, 2013

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Oct. 2nd, 2013 04:37 pm
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[ The picture is not entirely clear; the communicator's being held at an angle, displaying more of the person holding it's shirt collar -- an open-necked blue-green affair -- and his chin. He doesn't seem entirely preoccupied with holding it correctly, nor does he seem to address anyone directly even though his muttering is obviously not just at himself. ]

... Interesting.

[ Then, more obviously addressing the communicator, most notably because he adjusts it slightly to get a bit more of his face in: ]

There a point to all this? An exercise in ego for all those that'd do good, one of redemption for those that've been a little bad? Have to say it's nice that they're at least covering all the bases. Equal opportunity... always goes over well. Typical "hero" stories, you know, can't have them with just one sort of protagonist.

Just got to wonder what's the price, what's the catch. Why do it? Why believe in it?

[ Hello everyone are you real. He waggles his fingers over where he assumes the camera is in a wave. ]

So. How's it going?
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[A light clearing of his throat, the sound of a man who thinks highly of his own voice.]

I won’t humor the usual antics, desperately claiming a psychological breakdown -- and one complete with elaborate delusions! This can’t be defined as mild material, in terms of one's mental perception. I'd have to be highly schizophrenic, what the layman might call a raving lunatic -- and we know that isn't the case. I know that isn't the case.

[He clears his throat again, wishing he could wash out the slight whine in his voice.]

Come now, let's be reasonable. I have pressing matters back home -- I'm the Chief of Staff at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. The Baltimore State Hospital! For the Criminally Insane. [A beat.] You do still have a Baltimore here, yes? I've skimmed your preposterous Network albeit briefly, but not many people seem concerned about Maryland. [The next few words he speaks come dryly, as if he comes from a tristate region where his state is routinely ignored:] Hence why it took some persuasion, to believe this was some sort of "novel universe".

[The audible exhale overheard seems strained, as if perhaps he’s adjusting his tie quite unnecessarily.]

If I may continue? Despite your alleged superheroics and the, ah, interesting geographical edits, there are quite a lot of rather uncanny similarities. Between this world and mine, rather. Doesn't that make you wonder -- whose world is the right one? Oh, you know, "right" one, the original. Which of you are derivatives?

Funny thing to ask.


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