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[In the middle of the room is a cold looking metal table with two rows of wicked looking blades lined neatly at either end. Gracefully, Lancer enters the shot from stage right, all smiles and carrying a plump, rounded object covered in a small white sheet which he sets gently set on the table. Absently he scoops up one of the larger looking butcher knifes and gingerly tests its edge.]

Funny how time changes all things. I guess to some it may not seem like that big of a deal: Out with the old, in the with new. If they even notice at all. Take this "Halloween".

[He pulls the sheet aside in one quick, showy flick exposing a rather healthy looking pumpkin.]

Now I have to admit, there are some pretty fun aspects of this that people have come up with. Like- JACK O' LANTERNS!

[As soon as he says that he jambs the knife home, sinking it hilt deep in the crown of the gourd. ]

But otherwise I find it to be a cheap and shallow imitation of very deep and meaningful traditions. [With a surprisingly fluid motion, he slices the crown of the pumpkin neatly in a circle and then impales it on his knife, lifting it off with a satisfying SHLUNK!]

Samhain, as it was called in my day and for millenia, is what Halloween is trying to be.

[Reaching one hand into the open wound, Lancer begins to graphically rip handfuls of the stringy guts and seeds out and plop them onto the table.]

It was a time of cleansing. Of renewal. Families would travel out at night between pyres in a ritual that was supposed to purify your spirits in preparation for the coming year. Oh course there was still a form of trick or treating. But we called it Guising. Kids went to houses between pyres, dressed up in all manner of attire, and put on a performance. That's right. Kids had to EARN their treats.

[After the last of the innards are removed, he swipes up several of the more fine tools and begins gouging out chunks of the side.]

I dunno, maybe I'm just trying to live in the past. One disgruntled foreigner probably doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I guess you can just call me a traditionalist.

Which is why this "Halloween" I'm hosting Guising at the Pie Hole! Stop on by on your 'Trick or Treat' rounds if you want a taste of Celtic culture. But remember, you have to perform to earn your certain something.

In the mean time, I guess I can give Halloween a shot. See if its worth the popularity. What about you out there? I want to hear about your take on this 'Holiday'.

[Putting down his tools, he hefts up the pumpkin to inspects his work.]

I'll listen, but I'm still skeptical. But I know one thing for sure.

[Turning it to face the camera, the expression carved into the pumpkin is a perfect match of the smirk he wears.]

The Jack O' Lanterns can stay.


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