Oct. 17th, 2013

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Having been here for just over a year, I suppose it only the done thing to extend my trust outwards to you all on a very important matter. Also, it seems I haven't done a broadcast in almost four months? Time does fly when one moves house.

Anyway. I'm in dire need of costume suggestions for Halloween.

[Will Rose every post anything serious ever again?? Probably not. ]

Given the departures of just about everyone I used to live with, the only matching costumes I will need will also have to suite Kanaya's tastes. Otherwise, I'm open to just about everything. Witches seem quite overdone? I had considered a bespectacled wizard with a gloriously long beard too, but I fear my cats my ruin it.

[A beat. ] Oh, right. I had almost forgotten - if anyone is interested in purchasing Davesprite and I's old residence, please let me know. It's fairly big - enough to room to have held at least five of us. I think some of our living furniture is still there. It has been thoroughly cleaned and not a single cat hair or bird feather remains. I can attest to it being incredibly homely. There is also Jade's greenhouse out back - the only stipulation is that you take good care of it. If not, Kanaya might have your head.

That's it, then.
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[A spinning, shaking field of stars fills the screen. It must be a particularly clear night, because there are more bursts of light in the sky than could possibly be counted, each of them sharp and vivid. There’s the sound of a cape flapping in a roaring wind. Calvin’s flying pretty high up, but he manages to make his voice clear over the sound of his passage.]

Do you ever look at the stars? I mean, really look at them? I’ve always thought that they’re really beautiful, but seeing the night sky like this can make you think, too.

On the one hand, it’s really exciting! There could be anything out there! Whole civilizations of aliens, or black holes that nobody has ever seen before, or cosmic events that we can’t even imag- oops!

[The view suddenly lurches and plummets. The wind becomes a thin whistle. The viewer gets a great look at the lights of the City blazing like the lights in the sky, getting bigger as the communicator falls downward. Then it stops, turns upward, and there’s a blurred glimpse of Calvin’s face before the screen fills with stars again.]

Sorry, dropped my communicator. Um, where was I? Oh, right. On the other hand, there’s nothing like watching the boundless cosmos to make you feel insignificant. I mean here I am, a genius kid with superpowers from another dimension, but compared to everything up there I might as well be a dust speck!

When you think about it, it’s hard to justify all the things we get so wrapped up in. What’s the point of being upset over a bad grade or missing someone or never getting to go home again? The stars don’t care about any of that. And no matter what you do with your life, they won’t care what you accomplish or how much money you make, either!

In the grand scheme of things, the worst thing in the world isn’t that bad, but the greatest experience of your life wasn’t that good! Compared to infinity, maybe even superheroes are just specks punching other specks to protect littler specks. So why does any of it really matter?

[Calvin is silent for a moment, thinking. The wind keeps roaring, the boy keeps flying. The stars burn in the sky.]

I think I’m going to be six forever.


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