Oct. 21st, 2013

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[hello, Network! Nepeta is sitting inside one of those charmingly cozy hipster cafes somewhere in the City, a large teacup decorated in pawprints and a plate of biscotti perched in front of her on the rickety table. as she begins to speak she starts to fiddle with the teacup, pulling out the infuser and piling spoonful after spoonful of sugar into it with surprisingly gentle motions]

So I checked the network to be absolutely pawsitive, and today's the day that I made my furst post furever ago. That makes it a whole human year that I've been here, right?

[she's tried her best to be certain, but the mysteries of the earth calendar still escape her in many ways]

You guys kind of missed out on throwing me a party, but there's still time to get me something cool! If you bring me a bag of candy or let me carve a pumpkin I'll be supurr nice and purrtend that it isn't even a little bit late. Or you could go all out and get me anofur kitty furiend!

[she giggles, teasing. she doesn't actually care or expect anyone to bring her something]

But really, it's been purretty neat expurrloring this purrlace fur so long even if people keep coming and going. I'd really love it if you guys told me your fafurite thing that's happened to you here - I haven't heard a new story in furever! And I've even got a snack to munch on while I'm listening.

[she wiggles in her seat, about to turn off the transmission and expectantly await replies when a thought strikes her. unfortunately Nepeta has no idea how to filter and so she simply tacks it onto this post]

Oh, and Rua! I bought Duel Monster cards! I think I should purrobably try and kick your butt at it even though we won't have motorcycles.
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[Kenzi can be seen lounging lazily on the couch, the comm is sitting so that she's seen from about her shoulders up.  She glances over at it before picking up the remote and shutting off the TV, which could be heard going in the background prior to this.]

Right...so I've been, like, sitting on some information about a certain organization that wants us dead or under their control, or whatever, for a bit now.  Since we got back from out little trip to fantasy land, actually.  I've been trying to decide what to do with said info.  Y'know, like, do I look into it myself?  Because this is some seriously juicy shit that actually has me curious.

But then I thought there might be someone out there that would pay for this information.  And seeing how I no longer have a job thanks to a nearly two week long deport I'm kinda in need of some cash.  Then again, all you hero types get your panties in a twist over paying for good deeds and blahblahblah.  So...  [She trails off, frowning a bit.]  It all leaves me in a bit of a pickle.

Oh what t--  [Before she can finish the sentence the image on the screen is suddenly a blur as her little fairy dragon decides to take off with the comm.  Not too far off Kenzi can be heard;]  Hey, give that back you little jerk!


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