Oct. 22nd, 2013

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[ It's late at night or early in the morning to some. For Rin it has to be a late night as she's never coherent in the morning and with the solemn look on her face, she's got reasons for being awake. A thought that nags at her continuously until it's spoken abruptly. ]

War is a concept I'm only vaguely familiar with. [ Whatever uncertainty she's shown on the network previously has left her and in its place is elegant sobriety despite the confession of ignorance on a subject. ] The thing is when I took up the mantle to participate in a war myself, I didn't do it because it was something I simply wanted to do. Without regard to the hero I would call to my side, I forced my body to endure pain that the human body shouldn't be capable of withstanding all to participate foolishly in a war as it were my birthright. Due to my elders who participated in the ceremony prior, the timing for this one came thirty years sooner than expected and without a lifetime of experience, I made foolhardy mistakes.

[ She paces herself well enough with the conversation and now that she's reached the right part, she boldly states something sure to grab the attention of those listening. ]

So when a man I went to investigate recklessly claimed that Vulcanus was building an army, I had to make sure that his words were nothing other than the truth. How much of it was paranoia due to the situation he found himself in suddenly and how much of it was the truth? I have lived long enough to understand that when someone is upset, they can warp the reality around them and see things that they want to see other than what is real. [ The last thing she wants is to fall victim to her hereditary curse and make a mistake on something this important so she takes in a deep breath to steel herself. ] Furthermore, I was unable to confirm much of the rest of the story I had been told and I'm afraid he's no longer available for questioning due to a life-threatening mishap.

[ That part causes her expression to falter and she's quick to look away from the comm as if guilty of something. With her averted gaze, Rin forces herself to continue speaking though the tone she now uses is more gentle. ]

There's been a lot of talk about Vulcanus lately, hasn't there? I probably should have engaged the conversation much sooner than I have, but there are so many unanswered questions that I would be disappointed in myself for not having a reasonable explanation for them. In a world that has alien computers I ought to not be too picky with my information, but I suppose it can't be helped now. All I can do is state what is known to me and allow you to decide what to do with these findings.

So listen up.

There was a man who had been twisted into something man-like, but very much no longer man. In short, parts of other creatures had been grafted onto him like a transplant. Vulcanus hosted a study and created a monster out of him, as well as many others who were harvested in the same way. He indicated that they had been lied to though I was unable to find any documentation on related studies though he had mentioned the very same islands that another imPort had visited previously... the Caymans was it? [ She wants to call Stark by name, but since she's only heard of it being at 'Stark's place' the best she can do is emphasize on that point. ] I suppose there were more than just turtles there.

One thing he said that should be kept in mind by all is that there are others like him out there. He was sure of it, in fact I'm willing to bet that was the thing he was most certain about. Yeah, there are more of them out there.

The only question is do they have enough for their army?


Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:39 am
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[Minako is at the Pie Hole, of course, taking a moment in the midst of getting ready to open... but that has nothing to do with the reason she's posting to the Network right now. She looks uncertain, and troubled; she should probably have shared this information sooner, but she's had her doubts about what to say, and how publicly.

She still has doubts, so when she speaks, it's hesitant and very brief.]

I think... I might have found out something about Atropos.

o15; voice

Oct. 22nd, 2013 02:22 pm
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[ His tone is subdued, much calmer than usual when he's speaking on the network. Not necessarily unusually calm for Harvey, but he rarely addresses the network in this sort of mood. Contemplative, almost relaxed. ]

I don't want to talk about Halloween or Vulcanus.

[ Straightforward. ]

Been thinking about other things. That's all.

Like time. People like their anniversaries from home even though the years or months don't match up. Birthday's ain't a year apart unless you get extremely lucky. Is it that people like the normalcy about it even when it isn't accurate? I wouldn't find it comforting. There's some things from home you shouldn't want to repeat themselves.

[ He pauses. ]

But sometimes they do anyway.

Is that bad luck, or fate?

What's actually there to celebrate?


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