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word of the wise it turns out having a one-sided discussion about wanking off with a female alien during classll get you detention
just so you know
this is what happens when you try to educate the masses
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Really, Mr. Strider, I would have expected you'd learn this lesson the first time!
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What the hell is wrong with your attitude?
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Listen, I'm sure you're at that age where you feel it imperative to experiment, but in public, in class, and with a very seemingly unwilling participant is not how you do this.
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It was certainly close enough to cause your teacher a great deal of distress. Really, you couldn't do this in the bathroom, at least?
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But nonetheless, the repeat occurrence shows some cause for concern. I think we may need to have a talk about your expectations from this school and how we can better fulfill them.
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My thoughts exactly.

You're John's friend, aren't you? You may be the one he mentioned to me previously. He was concerned over your grades, and frankly, so am I.
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Not by name, at least. But one can certainly follow the clues and make an educated guess at the subject of his concern.
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If you aren't being properly engaged by your classes, this is just as much, if not more, our fault than it is yours. If we can discuss the issue, perhaps we can form some sort of plan that we'll both find satisfactory to the future of your education.
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[Well, trying to be gracious doesn't seem to be helping...]

No, there most certainly is! If there's a problem, then it must be identified and corrected. This would need to be a collaborative effort.
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Would you agree if I said yes?
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He mentioned that you were having trouble finding motivation for your homework.
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We can expect to see you in the morning, then?
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Think of it this way: if we can handle the matter properly, your stay in detention will likely be cut short.

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