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TWENTY: linkin park softly plays [VIDEO]

This isn't--

[a gulp. Zel wipes at his face, swiping at bangs. ear: pointy. cured guy: distressed.]

This has nothing to do with...the shape-changers. It's different. [hunched over, he digs the heel of his hand into his eye, grimacing.

a beat.

he moves the comm back, setting it on the floor to free up his hands. he pulls his sleeve back, exposing blue blotches scattered around his forearm.]

I need to know how to stop it. Before it...[swallow.] Before it spreads.

I need help.
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This isn't a typical quality of yours?
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So you have a theory already?
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holy jesus this is a late reply

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Well, curses aren't generally my specialty... [Trying to science through them never works.] What are the qualities of it?
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vic and kanaya have been stealing all the attention :c

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Well, that hardly sounds pleasant! And you've had no luck acquiring a countercharm? That is how magic works, isn't it?