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my what convenient timing

[At first, nothing but the black of a pocket and rustling as a hand grabs it. Sudden light reveals (at an awkward angle) a flash of a green face with that all too dreaded lined chin.

Then the green morphs away into a familiar human chin which contorts with surprise when he realizes the communicator is on.

It shuts off violently.]

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This is your exit-stage-left.

We cannot afford to lose you to detainment or worse. Mr. Stark's loss, if he is not a skrull, is a great blow to our cause.

...You must inform Apollo to inform the rest of our circle.
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I believe you will. [mentally tossing various theories, which leads to a super-awk silence in real time, trying to figure out who would hate Midnighter enough to do this who hasn't been hospitalized or held]

A list of your current City enemies would be helpful.
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[catching the comm (clumsily) he peers at it, and then nods] Apollo would be devastating for us. I have been watching him.

...You are a popular man, Midnighter.