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21 ✬ [voice - forwarded to whenever people are back from space]

[If Angelica sounds like she's been crying for the past several hours, it's probably because she has.]

My husband... he's...

[She hiccups softly, sniffing back a sob before attempting to speak again. Her voice is quiet and hoarse.]

He wasn't with the others. Pietro's gone.

... What am I going to do?

[And the feed cuts out before she starts to cry again.]
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You have my deepest condolences, Angelica. If there's anything I can do to help, I'll see to it immediately.
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That's perfectly understandable. If you hadn't asked, I would've offered.

I'll call in a substitute or two immediately, but if there's anything else, well...

[Was it just a year ago that he was in the same situation with Pietro? Was it two? No, no, he'd just gone through that year twice.]
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Yes, that could be a very delicate situation. Calvin's a young man with an active imagination, bringing him to understand the full implications of the reality may be...difficult.

[And having him learn by seeing this post wouldn't help, either.]
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Yes, I recall the occurrence. I suppose the best you can do is provide him with your love and patience, and guide him as best you can through this ordeal.

But you'll need your fair share, as well. Would you like me to bring you dinner, or anything? I'm sure it's one less thing you'll want to worry about, given the circumstances.
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That could be easily accomplished. Spaghetti, perhaps?
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I'll be sure to bring it by later this evening.