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[The video opens to someone walking along the street, talking as she moves. Those who remember Rachel will probably recognize her voice. Those who were actually friends might feel the light brush of her mind as she reaches out to ID who's here and who's gone.]

So, I kinda like the new comm devices, nice to see the 'porter keeping up with the times.

[She pauses, stopping at a news-stand, the headlines all read variations of "Skrull Invasion Averted" or "Are They Still Among Us?".]

Seriously? This place didn't have enough problems?

[She starts walking again. Heading back towards the mansion as she briefly turns it back on her face.]

So, do I get a welcome back party, or not?

[The video ends, replies will all be in voice.]

[Private voice to Hank]

Hey, you have, like, a full lab still set up, right? Molecular scanner?
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video; private

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I'll start filling balloons! We'll want to look over your communicator first, though. Trust me on that.

What do you need with a molecular scanner?
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video; private, god tuesdays are awful for me to get tags done, sorry

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Wait...when did all this happen? Last I remember, we'd just settled our little Krakoa on the residence, and I was trying to catch my first class of the morning!
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Well, yes. I'm not sure I have it calibrated for Brood, but I know that one well enough off the top of my head that I could make it so.
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video; private

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Well, by all means, waste no time! I'll get this thing working while you're in transit.
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video; private>>action; and then i leave for work

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I'll make sure it's ready by the time you arrive.

[And given how long it takes to fly from the Porter to the Bronx, he just might! He'll be hunkered over the terminal of a large MRI-esque machine when she enters, putting in the last of the data he needs.]
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[He looks up from the monitor, then does a surprisingly good Elmer Fudd impersonation, if a bit too deep in his baritone, touching his finger to his lips.]

Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting Brood!

You'll want to take off your coat and boots before climbing in.
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I can't even imagine how much trouble neutralizing such an issue should be, should we encounter it!

It would be best if you didn't move while it's operating, but feel free to talk anyway. [He taps his temple with a finger then, to indicate just how he meant. Then he hits a few keys on the terminal and the machine starts, one mechanical arm passing over her with a beam of light as it scans.]
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[He views the monitor carefully while it works, relieved that it has yet to show any results, then thinks to himself, "I may have had something along those lines in the lesson plan for the week, I'd even broached the subject with the janitor." Though he neglected to mention why exactly they were discussing it. "Pym Particles, that would be something very useful to have around here in the City! I wish I had some regular source for them..."]
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["Oh." Logan had dropped them off on the doorstep just the night before, but... "Yes, I think something along those lines had been mentioned at our staff meeting that morning, just prior to my arrival."]
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[And here's Hank, knowing a thing or two more than he'd been letting on about. "Yes, that situation was brought to my attention. I'm not familiar with all of the specifics, but the condition did seem to be rather far-reaching."]
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[It was things like this that would make him regret letting Logan run things. "Perfect. Just brilliant! We're luckily still in the loop as far as that topic goes here. Ownership passed to me after Remus left."]
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[Hank chuckled and shook his head. "Would you believe it's already happened twice since I took the job?" A little negligent of him, perhaps, even if he couldn't really help it. "Luckily, Angelica and Kurt are perfectly capable of handling things in my absence."]