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Calling all life forms with a capability for intelligent thought and a desire to make themselves not useless smears on the ass end of the universe: tell me about these "powers" we're all supposed to have. Apparently, we're all saddled with them the moment we are dimension-napped into this reality, but how do you go about discovering what they are?
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Well, if it's anything similar to your previous visit, we'll be looking at unwitting matter control over specific elements, from what our exercises were able to determine.

Other than that, well...they can be difficult to discover until they occur.

Didn't your hair used to be red?
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Well, we specialized in the discovery and practiced use of mutant and imPort abilities at the Xavier Institute. While I'm not really as closely connected with the school as I was previously, I can still confidently state that they would be glad to help you with yours.
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Hmm, I haven't known many imPorts to stray so far from the City. And neither am I really the headmaster there anymore, so I couldn't exactly send someone out on a house call, however that might play out if we did.

Have you noticed any differences with yourself or your surroundings since you arrived? Other than what could be the result of arriving in an alternate universe, of course.
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House call is just a turn of phrase, it doesn't necessarily call for an actual house. ...Though the absence of one is a little worrying. I hope you're not under threat of exposure!

Really, that sounds like it might be a higher priority than any power discovery, at the moment.
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A tarp. Somehow that still strikes me as inadequate.

And just where is this tarp? Are you happy with your tarp? Would you prefer a roof to put your tarp under, because I know some locations that would surely be willing!
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[Wow are there even any swamps in New York, where the hell are they even keeping this kid?]

Well, I mentioned the Institute earlier. I'm not...exactly a part of the current faculty at the moment, but I should daresay they wouldn't turn you away, if that should expedite your "working on it". [Not realizing that would also include that clownkid who totally killed him a few months back.]
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I don't see why they shouldn't. The purpose of the facility is to provide sanctuary to young imPorts just as much as it is education!
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Well, I wouldn't want to twist your arm or anything, it was simply a suggestion, seeing how you were looking for answers.
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And the Institute would be your best option in receiving an answer to that! I don't suppose you'd need to take up residence there, it just seems like it would be preferable to living in a swamp.

But maybe I'm wrong on that count!
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And I did that! I only myself asked another one in addition, as it was related.

Are you sure your hair didn't used to be red? I'm almost certain I recall seeing that way with words among the students before.