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35th - [voice]

Guys! School's almost out! Which means I'm finally gonna be free of the education system! You have no idea how exciting this is for me. Getting to sleep in on weekdays? Hell yes.

[Santo pauses, and when he speaks again he sounds decidedly less sure of himself than usual.]

Still, I'm kinda gonna miss it, I guess. Even though learning is boring and homework is the most evil thing created by humanity right after Sentinels and diet soda, I've spent a lot of time in one school or another and a bunch of the best and worst moments in my life happened in one.

[Another pause.]

Mainly the worst moments, come to think of it. Anyway, that doesn't sound too weird, does it? Tell me I'm not suddenly going all soft and nerdy and crap.
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You realize, of course, that this will result in the following month being perhaps the longest of your life thus far, right?
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I'd recommend making the most of it! You won't be in the last days of high school ever again! ...Until you return home, of course.