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15th piece ♔ video

[ Charles appears on the screen with a friendly smile, and a look of determination on his features. He starts to speak after a moment, though only after lifting a cat out of his lap and adjusting his communicator. ]

Hello, everyone. It will come as no surprise to you that Erik and I have been keeping our eye on the… developments here, in the City. It is obvious that those native here do not appreciate our… interfering with their lives, intentional or no.

Something that they are certainly allowed, and we cannot fault them for that. However, I should note that I have been thinking. Erik and I have been thinking, actually. It would do this City some good -- it would do the imports and the existing citizens of the City some good -- if we were able to show them just how… ah, how beneficial we can be.

[ Charles purses his lips and waits for a moment before continuing. ]

Please note that this is entirely in its early stages. Those of you familiar with -- [ This takes him a few moments. It sounds silly, okay? ] the X-Men will have an idea of our plans here. A super-hero team, as it were, to provide protection to humans, transports, and mutants alike.

Should you have any advice or interest in our endeavour, please let me know here. I intend to organise a roster of sorts -- we will see who we've got, and we will make our points clear from then on.

Thank you.

[ Charles smiles diligently and then nods once before hanging up. ]

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You're considering a revisitation of the X-Men?

Well, I can't say I'm not curious...unavailable as I may currently be.
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Well, it's like they say, once an X-Man... [Even if they mostly just say that about the Avengers.]

His...concerns, though. The descending public perception? That always struck me as more your realm of interest.
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Which is, itself, a cause for concern. If we do this, I can only promise my participation if we do it right. Approaching such a delicate situation haphazardly or arrogantly will only exacerbate the problem.

He may not exactly be the man I knew in my universe, but he may yet hold the potential to be, and that's a potential that could jeopardize this endeavor.
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Which is fair, I suppose. I imagine the team from your own universe managed it somehow, so you should be allowed some degree of trust to handle him. That said, many of us are certain to be uneasy.

It will take some degree of compromise for both of us, I imagine.
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Well, it may take some time to explain. I was among the original class, fourth approached. Still in high school, but I was the oldest of us. He--or you, whichever you prefer--trained us for undisclosed purposes for a few months before our first outing to face a mutant attack at Cape Citadel. You can probably assume who was responsible.
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This was, of course, only the first encounter. There were many afterwards. Some brutal, some...not so much. But the relationship remained complicated. Some years later, while Charles left the school under Magneto's guidance, we original five left to fulfill the dream in our own way.

[Of course, X-Factor had been kind of a PR disaster at the beginning, but they got better once they ditched Hodge.]
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It was a complicated time. Charles was in space recovering from nearly fatal injuries. It was right around the time the team I was with, alongside Bobby and Warren, had fallen through, so I never got most of the specifics, but the whole ordeal had come to a head when he submitted himself to the World Court to be tried for his crimes against humanity. It was interrupted, hence your nearly fatal injury, but I guess you must have had some kind of faith in him either way.
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More forgiving than some of us, but I wouldn't say you were foolish exactly. It did seem to work for a while, at least...

[Well, until it didn't, and then everything that came after. But there had been years since then, and Hank isn't sure how much he'd like to burden Charles with. Does he need to know about Onslaught, for instance? Honestly?]

And I suppose you'd always looked for those glimmers, and encouraged them. They wouldn't always last, unfortunately, and at times had less productive influences countering you.
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With any luck, perhaps you both can.
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Of course, Charles. And, well, you have my vote of confidence, for what it's worth.