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Well. Now that I'm passably sure you aren't all the product of some half-baked hologram - emphasis on passably - I wouldn't want to deprive the community of my presence any longer than necessary.

[a dramatic beat. if there's a separate voice off camera saying something, it's sufficiently muffled.]

Doctor Nemesis, superscientist extraordinaire. Among other snappy, equally impressive and nigh-unpronounceable-to-the-common-man titles.

I'd go into detail, but I do hate to see women and children in pain.

[there's that weird noise again - Nemesis abruptly coughs, pauses, hums his irritation, and goes on as if absolutely nothing just happened.]

Now, should any one of you find themselves with an empty laboratory and a problem more intellectually stimulating than "why don't we build a really tall elevator," god help me I am listening. If Reed Richards can turn up barely out of his grad school diapers and have the scientific community throwing themselves at him, I daresay I can scrounge up the materials to -

(I hope they have shawarma hekshhhhhhhhhhh)

[the rest of the sentence fades out with a momentary burst of somebody fucking with the microphone. the ensuing silence is kind of awkward, but to his credit, Nemesis sounds as cool as ever.]

Nemesis out.
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[Hey look, it's a familiar face sitting in a very white room.]

Well, there is my lab, which would be falling into disuse in my absence if not for the fact that Jeffries works out of it now.

Doing well, Dr. Bradley?
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"Privately". I suppose that's one way to put it. You might say I'm on something of a sabbatical.

[The camera shifts as he gets up. It looks like he was sitting on a bed? He's standing now, and there's occasionally a window in the background. That window does not look like it leads outside.]

But they are very curious shenanigans, I agree. I have some notes on the matter I'd be willing to share, but I'm a bit detained at the moment.
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[He is the most subtle punner, it's true.]

You've been in the City how long and you've already heard of it? Well, the reputation precedes it, I guess, especially with a name like this one has.
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Well, that can be one of the more effective methods for acclimating oneself to these circumstances.

What floral pattern are we discussing?
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Oh, I think he'd more likely choose something purple. Irises, perhaps.

But muumuus are the type of thing you can really only appreciate after you've worn one.
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he feels so popular today

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Orchids, actually.
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he's clearly made an impression on nemesis

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Lovely flower, an excellent choice.

Probably a more fitting color, too, now that I think of it.
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There's really no shame in it, Nemesis. Hadn't I just all but admitted to the same thing, myself?
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Like what? Publicly singing, perhaps?

We must have a very different definition of the word.