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24th incision; audio

[stein speaks in a monotone, no inflection to be found in his voice at all. this is pretty typical for him, but today there's a dullness to his tone that isn't usually present.]

A man stands alone in an empty room that contains no windows or doors. He owns nothing other than the clothes on his back and he's probably not even wearing shoes.

[an audible exhalation of breath.]

Now that I've posed the scenario your collective job is to tell me how the man escapes. Try not to be too boring with your answers.

[there's a pause, like he's going to end the feed, but instead his voice takes on a dry edge as he imparts one last piece of information.]

And before you ask his unidentified captors built the thing around him. As though that needs saying in the first place.
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oh this was all video let's perma that whoops

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Is that really as relevant as you're trying to insinuate? Considering that I'm not visualizing escape routines from over here.