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I need a favor.

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$100 to whoever can completely define the word "what" in three sentences or less without bending grammatical rules for longer sentences.

Vaguely related to that, what's your favorite word? It doesn't matter what language it's in or why you like it. I'm interested in hearing about it if you have one.
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[Hey look who isn't in a white room!]

The most basic form of any interrogative, used in various contexts and forms to inquire on the nature or identity of the subject.

Two sentences left, am I missing anything?
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[The camera shakes a little as he transfers it to his foot and slumps down on the couch, hands resting behind his head.]

Well, if you wanted every individual usage condensed into three sentences, that's a bit more difficult. "Abridged" and "comprehensive" tend to be antithetical concepts, especially with a word that most dictionaries include a rather exhaustive list of definitions for.

But we can take a crack at it anyway... [Beat.] Would example sentences contribute to the count?
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I'm just trying to discern whether it's actually possible to begin with!

"Can also be used to begin a exclamatory interjection, often but not exclusively sarcastically, or a prepositional phrase, ie. 'What with the way that whichever.' [He twirls his hand around to illustrate that whichever more directly.] All in all, a highly versatile word with many uses beyond what could reasonably be expounded upon within the limits of this definition, it contributes to the very foundations the English language is built upon."

That's worth at least $75.
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You just need to leave enough room for vagaries and flexibility.

But hey! Looks like I'll have some seed money for my next project.
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Oh, well, not exactly. I have a few ideas I'd been kicking around before, and reams of notes I've been collecting the past months that I haven't yet been given the opportunity to practice.

So I have options, I just haven't chosen one yet.
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What can I say? You know me too well.
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Well, why not? I have $100 and a world of possibilities before me!
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I can't go spoiling the surprise just yet, I'm afraid you'll just have to deal with the anticipation for now.
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I'll take that under consideration, especially for an investor like you, but I'll need to get started before I can be almost finished!
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This is why I generally prefer my research to be done independently! No deadlines, no one breathing down your neck...

Once a donation's been made, you feel as if you owe it to the person!
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I'm just giving you a hard time, really. I could probably use some oversight every now and then, even if it's entirely optional.
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I like to think it's a point of endearment.

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