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☀ THIRTEEN; (video)

[ Bob is looking quite his normal self -- muscular, blonde, etc. and he's sitting in his room at Avengers Mansion with his dog Bruce curled in his lap. He waves awkwardly at the screen. ]

Um -- hello. I'm sorry I didn't get back in time to help with any of the destruction that just happened, I was busy. Kind of a vacation, I guess. But I'm back now. Home, I mean, and on active duty for whatever I might be needed for.

Does anyone need help with anything?
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[Hank is outside somewhere, maybe a bit of rubble in the background.]

Oh, there's sure to be things to do here and there. Same as it ever was.

But you're looking well! How are you feeling?
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You look better, too, like a ray of sunshine on a previously bleak period.

Dreadful, isn't it? You turn your back for one minute and someone's trying to destroy the City again! I know the subways are in shambles for one. Been thinking what I can do there myself.
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I'm inclined to agree. Cleanup will be one thing, though rebuilding may be more complicated. That this level of damage can't even be considered particularly exceptional is kind of sad to reflect on.

Have we seen worse? Certainly! But that shouldn't make us think that makes it any easier. [Almost musing to himself more than to Bob.]
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Precisely. Acknowledge the more unfortunate aspects, but not allow ourselves to stagnate from it. No use giving into that impulse.
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We are, yes. One can only hope something similar can be said for those natives caught in the middle of it, and a shame that they should have to be.
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Perhaps. Though it strikes me as an unfortunate circumstance when one must simply expect to live through such terror without being able to intervene.
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As far as everything I've seen would indicate? Largely uneventful, if "eventful" means there's some kind of villain trying to destroy the City at least once a month.

Sure, they had their problems, their tensions, their politics, but they didn't have to worry about the conflicts we bring in along with it.
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I understand what you mean. The initial point of emergence can be one of the more difficult to transition through, for both parties. We've essentially invaded and altered their culture in only a few short years.
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Yes. If we can be a part of the solution that assists in solving a problem that we avoid contributing to, that will be the best way to reassert the balance this City sorely needs.