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[Here's Rachel looking a little sheepish because she hasn't been on this thing much.]

So, here's the thing. I like being a teacher, it's awesome, but when there aren't any classes, I'm bored. [Pause] Okay, maybe saying that wasn't the brightest idea, like tempting fate, so let me try that again: I would like something to do with my time that doesn't involve chasing down muggers, or vampires, or any other crazy thing that this city likes to toss at us.

I'd like a part-time job. I've been a bartender before, I'd make a great bouncer, and I'm pretty reliable - except when those city-wide things come up, civic duty and superheroing and all.

So, anyone looking to hire?

[After a beat, she decides to change topic and her expression gets a little fake-happy. She knows what's up and she hasn't been amused by it one bit. Her patience is wearing thin. Don't make her come get you.]

And to my two friends taking a little vacation, I hope everything's going well. Haven't heard anything so I'd hate to have to crash the party. [Because she will, you're both underage and she feels responsible for you both.] Your note was a little vague, so I'm just wondering.

Call me. [That's an order.]
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Sorry I can't be better help, unless you want to help out in the lab?
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Well, the offer wasn't so much about our own need as yours. You're bored, this is what keeps me from being bored, maybe I can share?