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008 ➵ voice

Okay. That was weird. Are all these missing days being kept on account for me, somewhere? Am I ever getting them back? 'Cause last time I checked, it was June. And sleeping my way through national holidays isn't something I wanna make a habit of.

I think the old robot owes me some ice cream and apple pie. At least.

So... yeah. Guess I'm back. Even though I didn't go anywhere...
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I know something that can ease the transition!
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Little word of advice, something to put you on better terms with the lady.
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Grow your hair out. Good and long.
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Maybe there is, but I have it on good authority, the best authority on the subject, that she'd be pleased if you did.
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Not to say she doesn't, but this doesn't mean she can't like you even more if you were the exact same you that you currently are, only that you has long, golden locks.
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Or Ka-Zar.

But I'm neither, I'm an immaculately groomed blue gentleman.
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Don't think of it as "savage" when better terms, like "luscious" are available!
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With proper care, absolutely! I could even make some recommendations, once you've reached that point.

Or maybe a stimulant to get you there more quickly.
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Well, maybe you left a couple of biochemists with a little too much time to think about this.