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[ It's central park, and this man has a hand on a polar bear. There's a parrot on his shoulder too. He does not look amused. ]

Cats, rats, dogs. Racoons, sparrows, pigeons. People view the great outdoors as where animals belong and never realize how full of life this city really is. How much wildlife is in this urban jungle.

Every mammal, every amphibian, reptile, fish, insect -- they are all my children. And they're all under my protection. I'll help them get back at their tormentors if I have to.

I promise you, if we have to measure who's the fittest, you won't survive.

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Well, "survival of the fittest" is more of an abstract concept than something which can or should be performed at the whims of a single man.

Your whole line sounds rather familiar.
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Probably the guy telling you it sounds familiar.
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It's an argument I've heard all too often. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. No mercy, no peace, no point. As though one could only acquire freedom through retaliation!

While turning the other cheek won't ultimately make way for much progress, I feel that diplomacy and education are far more effective methods to make one's case.
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Ah, but wouldn't that put you in the perfect position to act as ambassador for them? Perhaps that is the purpose of your being granted such a connection, to build the bridge between animal and man.
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If you're not careful with that push, and you're not exactly inspiring confidence in your practice of that, will only put the bargaining table further away. You can make a display without appearing as an enemy.