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[For those of you just tuning in, Bart Clinton sits at a very important looking desk appearing very grim.]

-- the ImBargo Act was ratified just eighteen hours ago.

Prime Minister Cameron Davidson representing England, Queen Vera Sokoll of Dolvania, Chancellor Sofie Bohm of Germany and President Agata Alvarez of Argentina have uniformly passed and enacted the legislation, which bans all identified imPorts from their respective country's borders. The international technological research and development venture company Vulcanus has pledged groundbreaking detection devices called "corporal signature scans" to detect and identify any physical presence of imPorts in violation of the ImBargo Act. We don't yet understand the extent of the scanners, but Vulcanus has recently released a mission statement that seeks to cover the entirety of the involved countries. Channel Four will continue coverage after... This...

On to you, Blitz.

[Flashy transition into bright colors and Veranda font! BLITZ! WOLFINGTON! The words sizzle from the screen to a young man with a wide, Vaseline-covered smile and perfect teeth. He's wearing a dark suit with a coral tie.

This is Blitz Wolfington with a special imPort edition of Channel Four’s Street Beat! Yeah! I’m here to interview randomly selected imPorts about the smoking hot controversy that is the ImBargo Act. We want to get the imPort perspective, their thoughts and feels!

Early on we met up with the Mirror Master, and here’s what he had to say!

[A man in orange spandex and green gauntlets stands on camera. He’s grinning right into the screen, almost like he’s looking through the lens – and right at you. The edited caption underneath his image reads MIRROR MASTER: DENTALLY DEFICIENT INBRED AUSTRALIAN?]

“Naw, it disnae affect me none -- I never paid much heed to Yank politics, mind, not when I can help it. I'll go where I want when I need to, it's right simple. What will they do, send me into space? Put a collar around me neck? Aw, naw, movements like this always burn to the ground sooner or later, and it's got nothing to do with terrorism.

Not that I'd know about that, mind. Just a little Highland wisdom.”

[He ends with a smirk, and it cuts back to Blitz.]

Highlander wisdom indeed! There can only be one! But don’t worry, we’re not taking that literally. I took a walk midtown and ran into the superstar, Wild Tiger!

[Wild Tiger is wearing the mask but not the suit - street clothes, a nice shirt and tie. There are obvious connections to the new actor Kotetsu Kaburagi that just got signed on for the Wayne Enterprises TV series, nope, no sir. Just your imPort hero, Wild Tiger! In fact, that's exactly what his blurb reads at the bottom of the screen -- WILD TIGER: HERO.]

Tell us Tiger, how does this whole shindig affect you?

"Well, I'd say it's pretty much a slap in the face! I mean, not that I was really planning to go to England anytime soon, but if I was, I'd be pretty mad! I haven't done anything illegal or even destroyed all that many buildings for once, I've been a fine upstanding citizen and I rescued a lot of people in that whole Major war thing. Discriminating against Imports just because they happen to have powers is just like discriminating against anyone else for their nationality or what have you. Where I come from, they outlawed that sort of thing a long time ago and I've been working as a legal, upstanding Hero for eleven years. To see it happening like this here's sad! [huff, pout] Well maybe I won't ever feel like visiting England now no matter what."

[Blitz nods, turning to face the camera.]

That Tiger was burning bright! After the commercial break, we'll meet up with possible Wonka experiment gone wrong, Mr. Wagner!

[KURT WAGNER: GERMAN EXPATRIATE, WALKING GHOST, OR SENTIENT BLUEBERRY? Blitz holds out his microphone to the familiar blue, elven-eared hero, asking how this all affects Nightcrawler on a personal level.]

"Well... It's that I am German. Even before coming here, I have lived outside of Germany for a long time, but it was my home. I am--Ha. Obviously, I am different. This is the same in my world. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the kind of love and security that I did, growing up, and so that place... It is full of memories. I love it. I have always loved Germany. It is my home.

I... It will sound crazy, I'm sure. I feel crazy, now, when I say this. I am dead. I have died, and so I can only suppose that there will be no returning to my world. This is borrowed time. This is all that I have left, and--[Insert a moment of Kurt choking up, blinking away something.] I was actually going to visit, to leave on Sunday for the Mediterranean, uh... Then to Turkey, then to Germany. I wanted-- I want to see it again. I want to find the valley where I grew up, if it is here, and I just want to see it again, to feel all those memories like they are fresh.

So. [Best possible grin!] Apart from it feeling like a betrayal of sorts from my mother country, it really puts a dent in my vacation plans. [And his face falls. This feels terrible, and it's evident in his expression.] I am very disappointed.

Ach. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit. Ja..."

[There's a pause after Kurt is done speaking, as if Blitz forgot for a moment the camera was still rolling. He clears his throat hastily and gives his usual nod, swiftly wiping something from his eye.]

Uh -- right! I don't speak German! Onto the next guest!

[Blitz’s crew follows him down the block, as he chats away about the tense U.N. debates. He brightens at the sight of Seras Victoria, and shoves the camera her way. He enthusiastically introduces her, pushing his questions, and the caption below reads Sergeant Seras Victoria, ImPort Police Officer, Vampire.]

“I was born in London and I was actually planning on finally visiting again. Now I can't. That's not fair! I've never done anything against Britain and I never will. I'm not a danger, or a threat. I'm just a cop who wants to see where she grew up. The last time I saw it was in my universe and the Major was burning it to the ground.

I can't believe they're doing this.”

Woah! She has some bite, doesn’t she? I can feel safer with such spirit in our police force, let me tell you. [Blitz clutches his microphone, stabbing at the camera man like it was a sword.] And if you thought that was unbelievable, you’ll be shocked at our next guest! The self-professed "savior of the new world" himself!

[Dr. Reed Richards is on camera, with Blitz standing right next to him. Blitz beams, bringing his microphone close. The caption scrolls underneath their images: SAVIOR OF THE NEW WORLD AND SCIENTIST LOOK-A-LIKE CONTEST RUNNER-UP]

Tell me, Doctor, do you feel like you're part of this community, or a separate imPort community?

“Do I want to ignore being kin to the rest of my fellows in binds? Absolutely not. Do I want to intentionally segregate myself away from an entire world and confine myself to being a minority with a significant amount of petty ignoramuses? No, thank you.

The sooner imPorts can divorce themselves from the title, the better off both we―and our friends of this universe―will be.”

Explosive commentary! What do you think, City? ImPorts? Is he right or wrong? Do you agree or disagree? Remember to visit our online message boards for talking points!

Next up we have a girl to make your heart stand still! Stay tuned! But first, a word from our sponsors.

Welcome back! Look how my day’s brightening already! I’m just about to ask Didi here if she identifies as an American.

[The notorious below caption reads DIDI: HOT TOPIC MODEL. Many imPorts will probably recognize her as Death.]

“Do I identi -- oh, no, I don't! It wouldn't be fair for me to identify as an American -- as much as I like you guys. That's just not what I am. After all, what would I be after America eventually ends and I have to put up the chairs, you know?

No, no, that's silly. Besides, there's a huge, vast world out there and I can't just represent one of you guys! I lo -- oh, oops! I gotta go! Bye and good luck with your story!”

Oh, uh, bye! Darn, there she goes, the one that got away! Be still, my heart. But don’t you folks at home worry! I have a real humdinger in store.

[Quentin Quire, oh boy, Quentin Quire is up next to bat. Poor Blitz doesn’t know what he’s in for. As he holds out the microphone with an optimistic grin, he doesn’t realize how soon he’s going to lose the stage. The caption reads: QUENTIN QUIRE: PROFESSIONAL FLAMINGO IMPERSONATOR.]

So, Mr. Quire, how does this affect you, personally? And what are your feelings on this development?

“I've told you assholes all along that mutant rights are just as important as imPort rights! They say they have technology to detect us? It wouldn't surprise me if they started out with mutants first. All the mutants are going to be the first to go, and then they're going to go after imPorts. Finally, they're going to brainwash you. All of you. Doesn't matter how patriotic and supportive you get! You little capitalists and conformists are the last to go because you're the easiest to get rid of. But you're needed because you're the easiest to boss around. The big man points fingers at the little guys and says, "jump them" and you all fucking jump them without thinking what the hell you're doing!”

… Uh. Wow. Uh. Well maybe the American goven --

“They aren't going to challenge it. They never stick up for our rights. Unless we become proactive, they're just going to continue to oppress us.”

But the p --

“Fuck the police.”

Uhhh maybe we should edit that – still rolling? Okay, uh. Hey! How about this one: do you feel like you're part of this community, or a separate imPort community?

“What do you identify as, racist scum.”

[At which Blitz’s lip quivers and he looks like he was TRULY HURT BY THAT, QUENTIN. There’s an awkward pause, and the camera man asks:]

So. Do you think your rights are properly represe –


Okay, last chance, kiddo. I’ll pitch you an easy one as Blitz pulls himself together. How do you feel about the native populace?

“The human scum can just die for all I care. They're the real probl –


[Blitz has apparently recovered from being accused of racism on his own show. He stands beside an over-sized lobster with earnest looking eyes. The caption introduces his guest as Doctor John A. Zoidberg, Surgeon, Philanthropist, ImPort-Spokescrab. Tentatively, he brings the microphone close and asks:]

Tell me, Doctor, do you think your rights are properly represented?

[A hush falls and the camera slowly zooms in on Zoidberg’s face.]

“You mean we have rights?”

[Blitz turns away from the camera, presumably to whimper.]

How does this affect you, personally?

[Blitz asks a gentleman in metal and a flowing green cloak. His interviewee is none other than the formidable Doctor Doom, though the caption doesn’t seem to recognize this. It simply reads in the corner of the screen ALUMININUM ENTHUSIAST.]

“In our work, my colleague would like to be as inclusive of native population as possible. We recognize that this situation is as unprecedented in this world as it is in our own and that it is natural for people in all parts of the world to be apprehensive. However, we have an opportunity have the greatest minds in this world and countless others share their knowledge and their experiences. I cannot fathom why anyone would wish to discourage this.”

And your feelings on this development?

“I am against it. Categorically.”

Do you expect the American government to challenge this?

“To do so would violate America's stances on the sovereignty of nations and, no doubt, seem incredibly hypocritical.”

Do you identify as American?

“I am a Latverian citizen, although part of my undergraduate work was conducted in the New York of my world.”


I see. And let me ask, Doctor, I mean no offense, but. Have you ever been part of a terrorist group?

“I have been associated with groups that opposed Latveria's former government. I am sure that we would be considered terrorists by their standards. We are revolutionaries and liberators by my own.” -- And how does native perspective tie into that, do you think? “That they are afraid and logically so, but that they must overcome their fear if we are to accomplish anything together.”

Very interesting, Doctor! Thank you for your time.

[The footage cuts to a pretty in pink succubus.
reads the now very familiar captioning box. Blitz looks a bit smitten, smoothing his hair and fixing his coral tie.

So, uh, Callie is it? How do you feel about all this?

“At the moment, this very minute? It doesn't. But come on. Think about what this Act is actually saying. Restrictions start somewhat small, but really I think there's a stigma about ImPorts that we can't yet live down. Who knows how this will escalate.”

Do you think that the White House will react to any of this?

“Are you kidding? They probably don't give much of a crap. Why? Because ImPorts are a small percentage. If it's to keep the peace, they'll give in to whatever. No offense, but ImPorts are the least of the world's problems.”

Have you ever been associated with a terrorist group?

“Have I- What? Oh you better watch it, pal, you're one more stupid question away from that microphone getting shoved through your skull.”

[At which Blitz visibly deflates, his painfully smoothed hair seeming to magically flatten all on its own.]

Do, uh, do you feel like you’re part of the community?

“I've worked hard to integrate to this community and to help others like me to do the same. I help immigrants- NON-Imports- adjust into this society. You're damn right I'm part of this community. ImPorts exist, but if you think we're truly united in anyway other than the circumstances that brought us here you are giving us too much credit. Some of us cooperate, but in the big picture, we're all in this chaos together.”

Thanks for your time, Ms. Maggotbone. And now, ladies and gents, we’re on a roll with bureaucrats! Next we have our very own Mayor Hundred! Hundred was elected to political office in the City in November of 2010, where he remains seated. He’s seen this city through some of its more aggressive tragedies, and he’s definitely taken the blows for it. And now. Drum roll please. Here’s his debut on Street Beat!

So, Mr. Mayor. Do you feel like you’re part of this community?

“Of course I feel like I’m a part of this community. The thing about America is that we’re a collection of different people with different backgrounds, and here in the City, it’s especially prevalent. We have people from all different cultures and lifestyles, and we form communities around our similarities. I don’t think either or has to be mutually exclusive, but instead, we can be a part of both. Do I feel solidarity with the import community? Only as much as I feel solidarity and commitment to every citizen of the City, no matter who they are. I don’t think picking and choosing whether we’re imports or citizens is the right way to think about this. Most of us want to help and be a part of this world in whatever way we can be, and cutting us off in any way, even for a visit, is just alienating a community that wants to help and be welcome in any way we can. Some of our citizens are from England, and they’ve been cut off from their home just as much as if their house was destroyed. What good does cutting us into neat, perfect little categories do? They are a disservice to both the natural citizens and to people who were brought in by the porter. Despite all of our steps forward in acceptance and tolerance, all I see is that we’re creating a new group to construct some ass-backwards, new apartheid. What’s the point in segregating us? Should the actions of a few [censored] --heads harm us imports who work hard to be productive citizens -of not just the City- but the world? If other nations are going to start marking imports as persona non grata, what does that accomplish? How are they even fucking pointing out who’s an import and who isn’t? Are they going to start using that as an excuse to expel others? What’s the next step here?

And if the leaders of the nations trying to ban us are listening, believe me when I say that I understand how terrifying it can be when you don’t know what’s coming next. In my home universe, I was elected into office on October 25th, 2001, and yes, my version of the City suffered the same attacks that the City did. It’s easy to alienate an entire group, for the actions of a small, very small minority. Just because something is easy, doesn’t mean it’s right. I understand the concerns the leaders of your countries have, but this legislation won’t do us any good. It’s going to drive a wedge between imports and the natural citizens where there shouldn’t be one. So, I’ll ask Prime Minster Davidson, Queen Sokoll, Chancellor Bohm, and President Alvarez to reach out to us, my office is open, I know that our President’s diplomats will listen, even go through the United Nations! Instead of marginalizing an entire group of people, most of who are law abiding citizens who haven’t even gone out of their fucking way to do more than get a job or go to school, why don’t we bring together the best and brightest from your nations and ours to make a solution that works together? Each year, traveling from one country to another gets easier, let’s not complicate things by banning people!

If I felt like I were a part of a separate community, I wouldn’t be trying to come up with a solution. If I thought I wasn’t welcome, I wouldn’t have run for office. Of course I feel like a member of this community, as well as a part of the import community, and I’d think every person who comes through that porter should feel the same, but acts like this? It’s not doing this world any favors. So let’s cut the crap and start working on viable solutions instead of reactionary bull—[ censored ]?”


And now we’re back with --

"Am I on the television? Quentin! Eridan, can you see me? I'm on the television! People watching the news, I am Klarion the Witch-Boy and I am the best witch-boy in all of this dimension. They can hear me, correct? That is how it works."

-- uh, he calls himself Klarion Bleak, Witch-Boy of Limbo Town and --

“Can I hold the camera? I would like to film things.”

Uh, no. You can’t. So, Klarion the Witch-Boy, nice to meet you! I’ve got to know, do you consider yourself to be an American?

“I don't know what that means, HELLO ZATANNA, I AM ON THE TELEVISION!”

Aw, is that your girlfriend? Because she has the same name as -- Wait, you’re not talking about the Zatanna are you…? Because, definitely not your girlfriend, okay. Ahem. Next question! Do you think your rights are properly represented as an imPort?

“That doesn't affect me, what does that button on your camera do?”

Please don’t touch that – No!

[The visual dies. But audio is still working!]

Why did you touch that?!

“What do all these questions have to do with me? I'm only here to be on the television and to see what you are doing.”


[The feed cuts.]

[When the camera is on again, Blitz appears to be handling it on his shoulder himself. Gregor the cameraman is presumably gone. Blitz’s voice is clear, though his charming coral tie can no longer be seen, alas.

There is a rare glimpse of a suave man in a strikingly masculine and fashionable suit. Blitz gasps and giddily yells:

Bond! James Bond! I really must ask you a question! I’m Blitz Wolfington from Channel Four, and what do you think about England’s participation in the --

[Bond stares Blitz down. Hard. This is a “no comment” kind of moment. The feed cuts.]

[When the screen zips back on, there’s a girl on camera. The caption reads RUKA: SEAPUNK EXTRAORDINAIRE AND PART TIME PIRATE QUEEN]

So, Ruka. Tell me how this makes you feel on a personal level.

“Personally? I... I don't know. It's hard to say. In this world, I've been to, to England, and to Germany, and I liked visiting them both very much. The people I met there were very hospitable, and, well, aside from a little bit of staring because of the way I look, they were very kind to me. They're beautiful countries, and I hoped I'd have a chance to visit them again now that I'm older.

My parents--my adoptive parents, in this world--we used to travel a lot together. Before they were ExPorted from this world. England and Germany, those were... some of the last places we visited, as a family. In their own worlds, those are where they grew up. So it was... it was sort of like being able to see where they came from, you know? We may all come from different times, different countries and different histories, but any child that loves her parents wants to feel close to them, doesn't she? Hopes that she can make them proud, that she lives up to their expectations. But they're gone now, and I'll never see them again. And now... I can't even return to the places that were so important to ... to the most important people in my life.

So... I suppose it is personal, after all.”

Ah, I know how that is. Kind of, I mean. I recently lost Gregor, my cameraman, because of – because – I can’t talk about it now. I just --[sob.] Sorry. But I feel like we’ll never be able to ski down the Alps like I always wanted to, with him filming me. I can’t go on without him! This camera is so heavy!

[The visual drops from Ruka’s face to a shot of the concrete ground as Blitz sobs loudly on a teenager’s shoulder. The feed cuts and refocuses on PROFESSOR MORDIN SOLUS: DOCTOR.]

So. [hic!] Professor Solus claims to be some kind space alien from the planet Sur'Kesh. He has been placed in charge of the so-called Import Clinic, treating – [sniff!!] ordinary people as well as Imports. Tell us, Professor – er, Doctor? Doctor Professor. What are your feelings are this development?

“Completely unacceptable! Historical precedents clear- discrimination leads to more discrimination, leads to more conflict. Completely counterproductive. No guarantee measures will increase security. No guarantee Vulcanus 'corporal scan'- [He even uses air quotes] -even effective. No Import input or testing. Technically challenging as well as morally, politically.

[Mordin breaks off and looks off into the distance, talking to himself now.]

Not sure how such a device would even work, actually. How to do it? Calibrate radiation sensor to pick up residual Porter energy at subcellular level? Isolate genetic factors, examine those? Range problematic. Would probably need tissue samples for troubleshooting.

[Mordin sniffs, then remembers he's kind of being interviewed]

Ah, yes. ImBargo Act terrible policy backed by unethical organization based on unproven science, aimed at marginalization of largely innocent people, with no practical benefit for safety or security. Condemn strongly. Urge protest.

[The camera wobbles. Audio picks up Blitz clearing his throat.

There’s a cut to the Blue Beetle, geared up. Something seems to interfere with the caption, whatever would have been there looks garbled.

Beetle! Blue Beetle, hello! Blitz, Channel Four. You look dusty. Have you ever been associated with a terrorist group?

[the Blue Beetle here, caught for a couple words just after assisting with a dangerous construction work accident, sounding a little distracted:]

A — what? [blink. that didn't follow the line of questions; he falters.] Whoa, man. No? I mean — No? Look, that M.A.J.E.S.T.Y. thing was a huge mess, but it wasn't anything like that. But w— hey, while you mention it? Remember how Vulcanus was all up in that? Why is nobody talking about Vulcanus being a little, I don't know, [hands lift and shake a little as he shrugs.] terroristy?

Um. Another word from our sponsors?

Now here we have a fresher imPort, just recently Ported in! He says he's Starscream, the humble City Native/Import Liaison for City Hall! Is my caption thing still broken? My caption thing is still broken.

[A haggard looking slim man of perhaps 40, whose constant tracking of his environment suggested slight unease, while his tight facial muscles suggested strain of the mental variety. His hair was dusty brown and his eyebrows were like the most impressive thing about him.]

Mr. Scream, what do you think of the natives here?

"What do I think of the natives"? Let me ask you--what would you think of a group of people - regularly beseiged - beset upon by tragedy after tragedy - a people proud, unbroken, refusing to yield in the face of the actions of deviants and psychotics? [a calculating pause.] I think the natives are heroes. I think their bravery is only equalled by the imPorts who work tirelessly alongside them in these perilous situations, united as one, for the common good!

[and he tones down the excitement for a moment, flashing a quick smile to fill the beat of silence] Natives are not unlike imPorts - we all fight for the same values. We all have--[another pause. Pretending to be choked up while he bids for time to think of the foreign wording.]--loved ones. It would be impossible to overstate my gratitude for the people from my world--[he puts a hand up to his face. Fingers under his nose. Now is not the right time to smile.] I, ah.

...I don't believe any kind of segregation, or dichotomy, is beneficial to anyone, and I don't treat the native population as fundamentally any different from the way I would treat my own people. [tucking his hands behind himself, wraps it up with;] And I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve all of you."

How refreshingly modest! And actually kind of nice, thank you Mr. Scream. And guess how lucky I am, to grab our last interviewee not two feet away! You City Hall types are sure easy to hunt down when I stand right outside the building. Max Gibson, everyone, City Hall employee!

Ms. Gibson, what's your sense of community here? Are you part of a large system, or do you feel segregated as an imPort?

[Caught on the way out of work and generally sounding slightly uncomfortable with the whole situation:]

"That depends on your definition of community, probably. A lot of the people I interact with on a regular basis are Imports, the people I care about most are Imports, yeah. But I don't think that that means I'm part of a separate community from the rest of the City. I still work with people from the native population, I buy my groceries and I paid my taxes and I have my favorite convenient restaurant. My neighbors are natives and I care about them and their safety --

I don't feel like being part of the Import community stops me from being part of my neighborhood's community or my workplace's community or this City's community. Community to me is about people looking out for each other -- and going by that definition, I'd say a lot of Imports consider themselves part of this City's community."

I can't help but agree, Ms. Gibson! [Though at this point, Blitz Wolfington would agree to anything. If the man looks anything like he sounds now, it's haggard and aged five years.]

This is Blitz Wolfington, Street Beat! Thank you and goodnight.
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It's hardly something I can help.
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[personal profile] backstabbing 2012-08-04 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
But it is something a little beer could help with.

You do realize there are loopholes to these embargoes.
themisfit: (you're terrible.)

[personal profile] themisfit 2012-08-04 02:50 am (UTC)(link)
Perhaps so. Neither of these ideas helps to eliminate the fact that we have all been demoted to scum, in the eyes of these nations. It is... It's very unpleasant.

[ So yeah. ]

... Ach. Yes. Drinking.

(no subject)

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[personal profile] wild_roar 2012-08-04 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
Even I admit that was totally uncalled for.

...hey, you're the guy from the bus in the square, aren't you?
themisfit: (actually a lighter guy)


[personal profile] themisfit 2012-08-04 03:02 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, I was there.
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[personal profile] wild_roar 2012-08-04 03:04 am (UTC)(link)
Me too - oh, I was in the suit at the time. Wild Tiger - the guy who almost lifted the bus? [oops]
themisfit: (port 'n' ponder)


[personal profile] themisfit 2012-08-04 03:09 am (UTC)(link)
Ah, yes. I remember.

Do I assume correctly that you are fairly new? I imagine I would have noticed such a thing as your outfit, had you been here for some time, but perhaps it is something I've missed.


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That was really mean of them.
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[personal profile] themisfit 2012-08-04 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
It happens, no matter how unnecessary.
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[personal profile] themisfit 2012-08-04 05:43 pm (UTC)(link)
That's right, but it has. There is no changing it.


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professorlionface: (Hmm?)

[not here]

[personal profile] professorlionface 2012-08-05 04:49 am (UTC)(link)
[Hank has an idea. He'll try to make this better somehow.]
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[personal profile] themisfit 2012-08-05 05:15 am (UTC)(link)
[ Haaaaaank. Germany and the New are being mean to meeee. D: ]
professorlionface: (I'll have to think about this.)

[personal profile] professorlionface 2012-08-05 05:21 am (UTC)(link)
[Hank's gonna program a simulation of the German countryside into the Danger Room.]
themisfit: (i'll pray for you bro)

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[ ;-; you doll, you. ]