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seven □ video.

[ there's madison, sitting on the floor next to his workstation in the institute's basement, amid the usual glass and scrap metal littered around his exhausted form. mirroring the stress of the last week, his expression and posture are rather down. ]

I don't even know why I'm chattin' on this thing right now, 'cuz I oughta be workin'. [ the small laugh he gives is a little high-strung. ] But I think I just, uh. Wanna talk.

It's just, things are changin' a little a-and that aren't necessarily bad change, 'cuz... they aren't, right now. But I've always been kinda slippy with change and I could never cope well enough even before the headscramblin'. Change is terrifyin' and it always makes me mess up everythin' pretty friggin' bad, so I guess I might as well ask one a' them philosophical-like questions: How d'ya guys survive change without doin' a grade-A life-screwup?

I mean, I'm not even really talkin' about that ImPort boycottin' crap―can't remember the mashup a' the words they're usin' t'call it, but whatever―'cuz that don't affect me much a-and, 'sides, I'm never payin' attention t'it. Or anythin'. But I guess it's a helluva change t'many a' you peeps. Uh.

[ he clears his throat. ]

Speakin’ a’ change… we don’t know where Nemesis is, so. I guess he’s gone. Curmudgeonly old mutant? X-Club's gettin' a bit sparse. Yeah…

[ private to diamond lil. ]
I think I’m comin’ home late, kid. Sorry.

[ encrypted to danger. ]
I, uh. Haven’t seen y’in a while, a-and… I feel like I owe you some words. If you're willin' t'talk t'me.
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Have you considered time off? We're in the final legs of our project, with only the final calibrations for the most part, and classes don't begin for another few weeks. It may be worth it just to give yourself the opportunity to breathe, give these matters the time they're due.
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I know. It always tends to come in waves, yo-yos. A period of tribulation must always precede one of peace, but it'll always be our job to ensure that peace finds its way.

Maybe after the unveiling, perhaps.
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[Hank rubs his eyes, forcing a slight smile.] Something more positive than whatever names we may already have accrued? It would be a welcome change!

No better time than now to try to reestablish imPorts as a force for good in the world.
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Hmph! I can't imagine a reception I'd hate more, save for people avoiding the subways entirely.

I'm going to run the final checks approximately a dozen times. I'm writing the most personable speech I can imagine for the unveiling. If this doesn't turn out to be a step in the right direction, well, I may just be at a loss!
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Well, no one ever accused the attitudes that lead to these things as being reasonable. At least not if they write me off for my appearance!

I can't so easily dismiss the fears to their safety, given this City's history, though I do think the international response has been preemptive to the point of paranoia.
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Well, it won't impact our lives directly just yet, unless you were planning a vacation. The problem is that it sets a precedent. What happens if other countries continue joining in? And, impractical as it may sound, if The City itself tries to put limitations on our movements and livelihoods?

Maybe a bit of a slippery slope fallacy, but then, I've seen to many slippery slopes in my time not to be worried.
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Could we deal with it? I'm sure we could. We will always find ways to survive within our means.

The important question is should we have to? Are our lives not important enough that their quality should be infringed upon? I can understand the need for oversight, the uneasiness given the history this City has suffered at the hands of imPorts, but the framing of it as some Promethean act of rebellion doesn't sit well with me.

We aren't the group in power here. At best, we are outsiders awkwardly attempting to mesh within a world which, at times, doesn't really want us. But the choice was never in our hands, we've only made the best of it once it was made for us.

I'd really just prefer to see this come to some mutually beneficial solution before it results in civil unrest. We don't need to suffer through that again.
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Oh, not trying to debate, just...rambling, I suppose. I guess I have been distracted by the whole thing a bit.

But you're right, we need to get this done before I let myself go off on a tangent. I just hope it doesn't unravel underneath our feet, but if that's going to be the case, there's very little I'd be able to do to stop it.
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I'm counting on the worst still being implausible enough that we'll be spared from worrying about it going that far. I only hope I won't be wrong to do so.
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Well, if ever there were a way to my heart. What are we having?
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Yes, I think the kebab population could use some questionable control practices. We'll worry about the resulting treaties later, we must first make our war against them!
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As good as we are. Why, looking for hope?

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