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Ver 3.7 | Video

[ This comm post cannot be traced location wise. The only traceable origin is a StarkTech satellite in space, and that's after several redirects. There's no triangulation to be made, but what the viewer can see is very obviously an arial view of a street in Moscow, it pans smoothly, like it's really not that far above the streets. Underneath it in text is a statistic that reads: ]

55% percent of Russian citizens do not currently support the Imbargo act being passed. 45% support it.

[ After a few moments, the feed cuts to another one, this time a much closer view from inside the Duma, near the ceilings and looking down. The camera is focused on a conversation in Russian, but thankfull, there are subtitles translating what's being said. There's someone speaking currently, and what the subtiles translate is that he's giving a speech about the Imbargo act currently. ]

"--Should we give them the chance to cross into our borders? The United States has a concentration of these ready to use whenever they so wish! They could be spies, or saboteurs, or if they wished, they could level Moscow herself! We need to protect ourself now, before it's too late--"

[ The feed begins to drift away, before it seems to wink out just before going through something. Finally, the feed switches to voice. ]

This is getting messy, fast, isn't it? It's only a matter of time before things progress beyond this. Don't forget, the world views us as weapons first and foremost, before they think of us as anything else.
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[Hank is holed up in a somewhere white and a bit sterile, though it would be dark if not for the fluorescent spotlights illuminating his work. He's has a wielding mask lifted up to where it hangs off his forehead.]

Well, if I needed any confirmation whatsoever that the problem wouldn't go away just because I'm try to pretend not to worry about it!
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Yes, well, it wasn't my choice to adopt it. [He taps his wielding iron against the bulkhead he's inspecting.] I made a promise that I'd keep my eye on the task at hand.

Tell me we have a plan for this, that there's something I can do once I get things handled down here.
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I probably couldn't hope for a hint at what you're working on, could I?
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It would make it easier on those of us expected to go along with those secrets. Even just the equations we'll be bouncing around! I want to help, Tony.
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[He gives a frustrated sigh.]

Probably for the best. I do need to maintain focus on the current project.
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There's maybe a week left of work here. Expect a visit once that's finished.
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Really, Tony, you don't have to sound so enthusiastic.
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Really? I never would have imagined! Between secret plans and everything blowing up in our face, how could it be anything else?
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True, but the phrase would generally be applied anyway. Our perception of time tends to dilate in a more extended fashion when we're kept from the work we would like to do by the more immediate work we need to do.