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Video, backdated to 8pm or so;;

[ Hello, there, Network. You are now presented with a perhaps-familiar face, though it's not one that's been broadcast over the communicators before. This is Kurt Wagner's choice of disguise, and he smiles very convincingly for the camera. He's in some sort of dining hall, well-dressed (by appearance, at least) and seated beside another potentially-familiar individual. ]

Certain people close to us might have noticed we're running late in returning from vacation. As it turns out, we decided rather suddenly to make our return trip aboard this lovely ship, here. Never you worry, though, we are having a fantastic time and meeting plenty of wonderous people.

[ The lady beside him, also dressed formally, bats him lightly on the arm] Heads up. Blondie and Frank.

[ Both Selina and the holographically-disguised Kurt adopt very bright expressions as they're greeted by a voice beyond the camera's view. There's a short bout of friendly hellos between the off-camera couple, and Selina promises that they'll meet up for drinks later. Once the interruption is done with, Kurt turns back to his communicator. ]

We are Stefan and Emeline Müller, by the way.

A stage actor and romance novelist, respectively.

Introduced by a mutual friend, residents of Westchester... This is so entertaining, it almost makes up for the split lip and the shiner I've got hiding under this hologram.

[ As if on cue Selina delicately pushes back the sleeve of her dress, revealing the discolored bruising that reflects some rough handling. ]

Honestly, you'd think they forgot how to treat a lady.

Oh! That reminds me! Apart from wanting to let friends and aquaintances know we are alive, we do also have a warning... Do not try to teleport into the countries blocked off to us. They are apparently very good at finding you if you do that sort of thing.

Just to let you know. Hopefully, that is helpful.
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Kurt, you didn't!
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Of course you didn't, no one does! But you do realize you're in a position that is meant to serve as an example to our students?

This is only going to complicate things further.
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Given that this is the first I've heard of the incident, I really doubt it.

But if you were caught, that would mean someone in the German government will be aware that imPorts attempted to violate the Imbargo. It could be that the resulting repercussions simply have yet to be seen.
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Well, luckily nowhere near the top ten worst moments for thought this year, but no, not especially.

This whole thing is a diplomatic nightmare.
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I'm sure someone is. We'll have to wait until December to see the completed list.
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The Razzies for imPorts. After a year like this, I might be shocked if it didn't happen!
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Then I may simply need to quietly judge everyone guilty of failing to make this happen until it finally does.
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To one who lacks the necessary practice, certainly! Luckily, this is me.


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To be fair, it was mostly my idea.
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Selina. I suppose I should welcome you back, but...well, I'm trying to decide if that surprises me or if it sounds just like you. It's difficult to call.
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You're about two months too late to the welcome wagon.
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I've had a busy two months. You'll have to forgive me.

So, aside from the obvious reason, why drag him to Germany?
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We had plans. Besides, he still wanted to go, he just needed a little nudging.
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And there's the difference between what we want to do and what we should to consider.

Maybe you shouldn't have nudged.
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He didn't mind.
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Not until the consequences came into play, perhaps. But they may not end with a simple altercation with security forces.
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Worried about the press?
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The press doesn't make policy. I'm worried this will complicate efforts to open diplomatic channels when we're displaying a flippancy to their their admittedly inane law!