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[ The camera turns on to a wide window that stretches ceiling to floor, showing a stunning view of Earth from space that's only partially obscured by what looks like medical equipment and machines, all beeping at various rhythms in the background. There are several holgraphic screens up, depicting what might look like canine anatomy and surgical techniques.

Danger is visible. She's working on something in front of her, just below the eye of the camera.

I have been considering the term "humanity" and the context in which it is commonly used.

[ She reaches for what looks like a scalpel. A small squirt of red fluid-- blood, maybe-- then a wisp of smoke, like something was just quickly burned. One of the machines beeps a little quicker. ]

Generally accepted synonyms include: benevolence, kindness, and sympathy.

[ And if what she was doing doesn't seem strange enough, she reaches for a welding tool next. Sparks fly. ]

I have at times found humans to be compassionate and unusually altruistic.
At others, I have resented the selfish and treacherous patterns that comprise a significant percentage of their behavior.
Therefore, to become more human-- is this considered a positive or negative change?

I will be occupying your medical bay for several more hours.
I regret to inconvenience you so soon after my arrival, but I will require your assistance when I am finished.

Hello, Dr. Storm and Professor Solus.
I am the sentient binary construct called Danger.
Your Network activity indicates your proficiency in the biological sciences.
I am requesting your partnership in a small project.

I am certain you have expected this; however, to formalize the matter, I am taking a leave of absence from X-Club.
I will be minimally available, should you require me.
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I can't say it's surprising, given the way things have been lately. You'll still be free as on-call?

Just what are you doing?
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With a welding iron?

Is there a prosthesis involved, or...?
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[He frowns.] Poor thing. I'll wish you the best of luck on that.

But I can see how that might help to inspire the initial inquiry. If a life becomes less organic, does it become less of a life? And if not, why shouldn't the principle apply to fully synthetic beings?
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I imagine it would be, yes, but our kind are no strangers to that, are we?

To answer your original question, humanity prefers to define itself only by the more flattering qualities, but both you and I are fully aware that there's more to it than that. At other times, it is our ability to make mistakes that makes us human, to recognize and learn from them, while never attaining the supposed "perfection" of cold logic.

Neither of these definitions, if you'll notice, the capacity for compassion, the lack of perfection while still striving toward that unattainable end, or the self-awareness, actually exclude a sufficiently advanced A.I.
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Welcome to humanity. It's consistently confusing and a pain to manage.

Now, it's true that you can't always throw yourself headfirst into just one, that rarely ends well. You simply have to learn to balance logic with compassion! Both can be strengths and weaknesses, depending on how they're used.
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You've noticed the recent exports, I expect? With Charles, Dr. Bradley, and Rachel gone, we have three weeks till classes begin and are running a bit of a staffing shortage.

It's a bit troubling, but Angelica's seeing what she can't do to bolster our numbers.
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Well, I wasn't under the impression that you were planning to lead a class either way. But perhaps you simply haven't been asked yet?
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There's more to teaching than simple capability! I don't think I could rightly recommend it if you don't think you'd enjoy it.

It can be rather high stress, at times.
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Fair enough. But you know the door is always open.
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Of course. Where will you be keeping yourself in the meantime, in case I need to get in touch?
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That orbital city we've got hanging in the sky?

You know, I don't think I'd mind visiting it sometime.
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I think I'll let you settle in first, wait till things calm down.

But I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future.