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two: voice, dated pre-void shenanigans

[The voice clicks on. You can hear that Connors sounds flustered, but excited. His British accent is in full force as he starts to talk, rambling slightly.]

I think I've discovered my ability. I know how things work-how animals work. I was looking at a snake I've started to keep in the lab when suddenly, I noticed it. I looked at the scales and I knew how they were constructed, how they were formed, which cell did what. And this was without a microscope! I simply knew!

[He lets out a small, triumphant, happy little chuckle.]

This...well, if applied properly, this could be wonderful. Think of how it could benefit m-how cross-species genetics can benefit all of us. Human beings with some attributes of animals, used to cure and fix diseases. Of course, it will take ages to redevelop the serum, and I'd need to find a few lizards to bring back to the lab to study and iron out the inevitable kinks, but it can be done! I'm certain of it! [he sounds so proud now despite how trainwrecky this idea is.] I've always dreamed of a world without weakness-it may soon be a reality.

[There's a small pause where he 1) realizes that wow, he went on a science rant, this is kind of embarrassing and 2) debates whether he wants to say what the next thing is.]

Ah...also, I can talk to snakes. At least, the one in the lab. He's quite chatty, though he wishes I would feed him better quality food. [Another, more embarrassed pause.] Does the porter tend to give people multiple powers?
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[Is this a large blue lion man sitting in a lab of his own? Why yes, it is!]

I would...suggest being careful with that, personally. There are always numerous potential side effects to consider, that, well... [fuzzy blue shrug] ...Let's just say you should make sure you have the kinks worked out before getting too wild with the tests.
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Good. Wouldn't do for you to end up looking like me due to some oversight.

The power does interest me, though, especially the applications it could have during the testing process. Have you had the opportunity to test its limits, what it can be applied to and what it can't? For instance, would your skills of perception persist on a sample that was separated from the subject?
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It's usually better to ease yourself into these things once they manifest. You wouldn't want to let it overwhelm you! Knowing the extent of their application can be important, but don't push too hard, so guess that'll be one thing to avoid.

A sample might be small enough to work, if so, though it's possible that too much engineering of a compound may change it's makeup to an extent where it no longer qualifies. If not, you may have quite the ability on your hands.
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They're a bit less rare on my own, so I've become something of an expert, on some level. I'd be glad to help!

Ah, but where are my manners? Dr. Henry McCoy, at your service.
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Well, of course! It's had more time to be expanded, more hands on board needing it, and we won't even talk about funding.

Have you heard about the Xavier Institute?
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We're a school situated in the Bronx. My lab takes up a good portion of the sub-basements.
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Perhaps you should come on by, then. I have more than a passing interest in biochemistry myself, and wouldn't mind comparing notes!

Perhaps sooner rather than later, as I'll be out of the country for a bit in a few days.
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Well, if you're free tonight, I'm sure I'll be burning the midnight oil to make sure I don't leave anything unfinished before boarding my plane.
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video; i'm fine with either one!

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Absolutely! Just give me a ring when you arrive and I'll show you around.
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video; sweet, i'll tag into it sometime after i get home

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I'll be looking forward to it.