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[Video] Unemployment.

[Oh look! It's Skyfire! He's been home from the hospital for a few days, and he's looking a bit better except the big gloomy look on his face.]

So... that teaching job that said they were going to take me on full time just. Let me go.

[He holds up a slip of paper, coupled with an envelope.]

Couldn't even be bothered to call me or. Anything. Apparently there were "complaints" about me.

[He shifts uncomfortably.]

I "scared" my students and the other staff. I'm not really- I mean I know I'm quite large and perhaps my eyes glow sometimes but I try to exude a cheerful demeanor ah...ahah. I suppose perhaps the state of affairs is worse than I thought.

Fortunately I still have my night job bar tending at least.

Either way.

Does anyone want some...

Baked goods? Of any kind? I have some spare time now.

[Because he sure is going to drink unhealthy amounts and cry as he makes several dozen sets of delicious cookies.]
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You were removed from a teaching position due to anti-imPort discrimination?
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Have you done this kind of work before? Have a fair amount of experience with it?

What subjects do you specialize in?
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[Hank's eyes widen. Suffice to say, he's impressed, and a little disappointed to be out of the country.]

Are you available tomorrow?
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If they won't have you because you're an imPort, I'm associated with a school where that shouldn't be a problem, because we're the ones running it. Not quite college courses, but certainly still assisting in the shaping of young minds!

Tomorrow happens to be the first day of classes.
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Well, it's not my place anymore to offer an actual position like that. But I can suggest that you call Angelica Maximoff and tell her Hank sent you. The decision will ultimately be in her hands, but if your qualifications match your claim, I daresay it could work out!
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Be sure you don't. [He smiles slyly, trying to convey the joke in that line.] I know there will be a biology class that needs a substitute for these first few weeks, but you may be able to find something else more permanent even after I come back to that.
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I've had bigger loads throughout my time in the faculty at our local branch, but I've decided that it would be wiser to trim it down rather than overwhelm myself this semester.

The subject I gravitated toward was really a no-brainer, really. It's always been my specialty.
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Ah! Well, I'd be glad to, once I'm back in the country. Maybe I'll see you in the teacher's lounge.
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The feeling is quite mutual!