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[Rachel is sitting on a park bench. She looks tired, almost broken. It's been a long, long, few days.]

Just once, it would be awesome if the 'Porter snagged me after some major crisis instead of in the middle of it. Just once.

[She rubs her eyes and looks at her comm.]

And did Doom just take over the UN, or did I mishear that on the news?

[She turns off the video.]

[ooc: Rachel is a walking spoiler for AvX #11 and WatXM #15. Please let me know if you don't want to be spoiled.]
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Whats a matter, Rachel? You sound tired, and look it too.
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Rachel! Rachel, what's wrong?
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Miss Rachel! You're back!

...whatever's happening downtown, it wasn't me this time.
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Welcome back, Rachel.

[A beat.]

What's this about the U.N.?
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[ He almost doesn't want to ask. ]

That sounds awesome. What crisis?
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( oh hey x-frand )

Crisis, huh? So business as usual at home, then?
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[A little pause. Laura there are certain people Laura is glad seem to always come back and Rachel is one of them.]

...Welcome back.
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You got any idea what's happening down in Midtown?

[ Yup, that's what he gets out of this. ]
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When is there not a crisis?

Oh, and welcome back.
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Just another day in the life, really.

...What's this about the UN?