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Video / Action 001

[Handheld communication devices that allowed for video feed were not exactly the norm from Charles' day and age. It had taken him some time to suss out how exactly to make the device work. Alright, to be honest, it had taken him some time to get frustrated enough to reach out and pluck the 'instructions' from the head of a handy local.]

Right then, small red light indicates that it is recording; I would say that this apparatus would appear to be transmitting. At least I hope it is recording or else I am simply going to be addressing myself, which will not get me very far.

[Clearing his throat, Charles gave the camera a strained but warm smile before he continued.]

My name is Charles Xavier. There appears to be a discrepancy in my immediate memories as I am quite certain that I was in another place entirely up until a little under an hour ago, when I suddenly found myself in this 'City'.

While I do not desire to be considered disagreeable, as a rule I like to have some say in the location and relocation of my person. In this case I do not recall being asked about the sudden change of local. [If his tone has a bit of an edge to it when he speaks, well ... can anyone really blame him?

There is a breath and then the smile presses out into a much more serious expression.]

There are matters back on that beach I need to attend to, matters that I fear, will not wait and their outcome will affect many for quite some time. I would ask to be returned to that beach with the same immediacy in which I was removed.

Charles would have liked to have made a bold statement when he disconnected the feed from his device, a nice, clean snap of the off button, like walking firmly through a door and closing it behind you. Truth was it took him a bit of turning his device first this way, then that until he got to the right button and flicked it to the off position.

Not quite as dramatic as a firm door closing but as the saying went, 'the best laid plans of mice and men'.

Sitting back down, Charles made a face as sand ground into the back of his knee and he shifted in an attempt to shake the grains loose. He was not at all certain how the sand had gotten into his flight suit, though he had to imagine that rolling around on the beach with Erik had given it plenty of opportunity to sneak on some crevice or other. After all, Charles had spent most of that physical altercation on his back on the sand, as Erik had definitely held the advantage in their struggle.

Exhaling a slow breath, Charles lifted his hand and pushed gloved fingers through his hair. Fighting; with Erik. It all seemed so surreal now that he was distanced from the actual events and Charles felt a heavy weight of dread settling into his throat, a knot he could not quite swallow down. Everything had gone so very wrong. From the moment Erik had walked into that room to face Shaw, it was as if the very events around Charles were the grains of sand, sliding and slipping through his fingers, no matter how tightly he closed his hand.

Charles still could not sort out which hurt more, Erik's execution of Shaw or his friend turning away from him and placing that damn helmet on his head in the first place. He knew the act had been deliberate, that Erik's words its not that I don't trust you...had been a lie. If Erik had trusted him, he would never have shielded his mind so thoroughly and worse, in the end, as they had fought on the sand, Erik had been right not to trust him. Because if Charles had been able to get that helmet off his friend's head, he would have stopped him, through any means necessary.

Even though, the humans had turned on them; had betrayed them in the end. No matter how certain Charles had been and he'd been so damn certain that helping humanity avoid a war that could only destroy them would show mankind that mutants could be accepted as equals rather than feared as freaks. In the end, however, they had been feared and hated, just as Erik had predicted. Hundreds, thousands of missiles, the military might of two superpowers turned away from each other and aimed instead at the beach and a handful of mutants with the intent to obliterate them all.

Then, in the midst of the greatest upheaval Charles had known since the death of Brian Xavier, he had been forcefully removed from that scene of chaos and turmoil and thrust into this cold, dark, alien city. His initial response to the sudden change of venue, from the hard, glaring illumination of the beach in Cuba to the darker stillness of the city, had been more dramatic than he'd like to admit. It had taken Charles almost an hour to settle his mind and accept that despite initial appearances, this was all quite real and not some sort of hallucination.

Regardless Charles knew only that he had to go back. His world had just changed but more importantly, there were friends, students back on that beach he was responsible for protecting. Hank, Sean, Alex, Raven and Moira, they needed him, now more than ever.

Taking a deep breath, Charles turned the device over in his hand and glared down at it, trying to will it to respond with a clue of how he was to return home. Even if he had made wrong decisions that had lead all of them to the brink of complete annihilation, he needed to be back there with them to pick up the pieces. Not spirited away to some unknown location by unknown forces.

Digging into the open collar of his flight suit, Charles drew out the dog tags he'd discovered around his neck in his initialpanicked distressed review of his person upon arrival. It was curious, seeing the words Professor X written out, his sister's name for him stamped out in metal but the second tag was the more curious one. Charles ran his thumb along the set of numbers and then glanced down to the floor by his hip at the pamphlets he'd been given.

Department of Integration. If he was honest with himself, Charles had to admit to the twinge of curiosity that pushed its way up through the panic confusion and uncertainty of his situation. It could be a place to start at least. Something better than literally sitting on his ass waiting for some futuristic piece of technology to give him answers and if it also happened to genuinely speak to the idea of integration between humans and mutants, that might almost make this diversion worthwhile.

Tucking his dogtags away, Charles shoved himself up to his feet and swept the pamphlets off the ground. Stowing the communicator into his suit and really Hank could have made this pocket deeper, Charles began to look for the nearest exit.

[ooc: And so I toss Xavier back into the City! Network or Action responses, I am open to either! At the moment Charles is in the 'Porter building, looking for an exit and from there on to the DOI.]
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It's no discrepancy, Charles, just a very sudden relocation. I'm afraid you'll be stuck here for the time being.
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[Hank does him the favor of zooming out a bit. He has a couple remote cameras in the lab and at home just for Network use.]

As well as I've ever been, of course! Has the return left you a little disoriented, or... [...Did Charles forget his last visit here?]
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[Well, that, and he probably looks about twice as large.]

Well, your current location tends to have little bearing on it. I was in orbit when I first arrived. Do you recall having been here before?
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Ah. [Well, that's just something he'll have to explain again.]

On a space station. S.W.O.R.D.'s Peak, to be precise, though that won't exactly mean anything to you. You see, I'm reasonably certain that I'm not exactly the same Hank you know.
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I'm afraid it won't for a while.

[Well, the cat's out of the bag, so he might as well let him in on the whole of it. Or at least as much as he thinks Charles can take right now.]

The Porter building you just left, it brings individuals from a multitude of different worlds and universes, to fulfill its own purposes on this one. Some of these universes closely resemble each other, apparently, and when you have two people cross paths from such similar yet separate places, well...it can take some getting used to, I'm afraid.
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I suppose you could say that, if the phenomenon isn't one you've encountered already. Multiversity is simply something that just happens for some of us. I forget that it's still a new and theoretical idea to others here sometimes.
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[Hank cringes. There's a lot they'll need to catch Charles up with.] Yes, well...Kennedy's been dead for nearly forty nears now.