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(no way is he actually going to show that he's being an adult and let people associate him with that gross stuff!!)

... so, right i've gone through this and there is no way that this will not sound terrible, context does me no good: but what's the sort of stuff that a sixteen year old girl need?

i'd shop for her, but pretty sure if i picked out anything she'd look like me only smaller. plus, she's too small to fit into any of my shirts and i'm a bloody giant so it rules out pants on my end. so, if any of you girls can help lenalee out, i'd appreciate it. maybe i'll pay you or something. whatever.

encrypted to shade
you're coming with me, the MAC has finally worn out its appeal.

encrypted to zatanna zatara
.... so, i need some advice. someone from my world showed up and i pretty much actually have to act like an adult. you have kids, right? what do i do? enroll her in school or something?

encrypted to hank mccoy
can i ask you for a favor? i want to enroll someone from my world in the school. i'd elaborate, but i'm pretty sure you'd just get appalled.
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That's fine, it's understandable. Commendable, even. Anything I can do to help, I'll only be happy to provide
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They're rare, I imagine, but always a welcome sight when one should happen upon them.
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Oh, don't worry, I'll keep your secret. Maybe that's another reason why it would be better to let her see the place first herself.
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If we're to avoid something routing back to this "Allen", it would help to know who Allen is.