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one ✴ voice

Well... I gotta say, this wasn't exactly where I was expecting to end up when that artefact started acting strange again. At least Helen didn't get pulled with me.

[ city, say hello to a voice you haven't heard in a while. ]

Looks like it's been a while. I'm willing to bet a lot's changed since I was here last. They've certainly changed a lot back home. I'd appreciate a hollar from people, so I can know who's still around and kicking. And who I need to yell at if no one's been feeding my cat.

If we've never talked before, hi. I'm Captain Marvel. Hope you don't mind if I hold off on the "nice to meet you" until I've had enough time to form a first impression.
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I would think it to be repetitive at this point to ask about the name change, so I won't. And as screaming incoherently into the communicator would be poor manners, I suppose I'll ask about your artifact instead. Because that's either a very interesting effect or a total coincidence.
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Safe assumption, I would think. Probably still worth investigation. Do you still have it on you?
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Then it probably isn't worth worrying about on this side of the transdimensional divide.

So. When do I get my hug?
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Same as usual. Holed up in a sub-basement in the Bronx.

Might be about that time of day when I should surface.
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Oh, but the sun! It pains me to look upon such brightness!