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☑ 2nd Security Check [Voice]

In wake of recent events, namely the incident in Venezuela, I've noticed that a large number of the imPort population is vying for revenge against Vulcanus. Or "justice", if you'd prefer. In my experience I've found that most people use the words interchangeably.

But I digress.

As understandably upset as you may be for the attack against yourselves and-or your fellow imPorts, I urge those of you who are considering taking retaliatory action to consider this: war perpetuates war. Speaking as someone who's fought in a war spanning over several million years, I can confidently say that the harder you fight them, the harder they fight back.

[There's a short, bitter pause.]

Now I'm not saying we shouldn't fight. I'm not saying we should stand by and allow them to continue threatening our lives. I'm not so foolish as to think anyone would bother listening to me even if I did; in fact I'm fairly certain a great deal of you have stopped listening already. The point I'm trying to make is that your safety should take higher precedence than your desire to have Vulcanus taken out. Don't start fights unless you know you will win them. Don't go after members of Vulcanus thinking they'll lose strength if they loose number. If anything, it will give them power. It will prove that we're dangerous and that we'll need to be controlled. It will convince more people to join their ranks.

We're on the defensive, here. Any show of retaliation from us will give power to them, and they're a powerful enough threat without some would-be vigilantes giving them fuel for the fire.

If we're going to stop Vulcanus, we need a solid, unified, effort. Not a handful of turbo-revving punks attacking any Vulcanus member they come across. Until we have an official plan and the proper means to take them on, I urge all imPorts to avoid taking things into their own hands. If not for your own sakes, than for everyone else who'll be caught in the cross-fire.

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The problem is that we're thinking along the wrong lines. We're in a war of ideas and expecting to respond with fists, and that doesn't accomplish what anyone pushing for it is expecting it to. If anything, that will play right into their hands.

They're fighting with their brains first, and they've already set the tone for the conflict. If we expect to redefine it, we'll need to find our footing, because we are dreadfully behind.
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Ah, but even bolstering our defense would require a greater knowledge of the enemy than we currently possess! We can take general measures, but Vulcanus tends to strike in very specific ways that bypass anything the general measures would guard against. Our responses have been too improvised, reactive.

People are pushing for something more proactive, which I can understand, a good offense is the best defense. The problem is that they take such a narrow view to proactivity, expecting, as you said, mindless violence. Still just as reactionary, honestly.

The front we need to be fighting on is information. We need to know our enemy and how to anticipate them, that way we can not only minimize their damage, but perhaps nullify it entirely! If we can defang their operation, we'll have a much easier time of countering the attitudes they're encouraging.
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But there's the rub, isn't it? It becomes not only about acquiring the information, but sharing it in a way that doesn't compromise our knowledge, putting it in the right hands so it can effectively impact the situation. [Because maybe he knows some people who have been working on it, and maybe they've been a bit stingy in his experience.]

All the while setting the hotheads at ease that something is being done. Actionable intelligence is useless if it's only being idly kept.
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It's because they're doing precisely what Vulcanus is expecting. This isn't a short-term conflict, and the solutions aren't going to produce immediate results, either. But as long as our people expect it to, as long as they're using that as a reason to act out, we look just as dangerous and puerile as Vulcanus wanted us to.

They're having the job done for them, and all they have to do is sit back and watch. [He runs a hand through his mane. He's been watching this happen for a year now and it doesn't get any easier.]