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Meine Freunde, I have made it to thirty-four. Inform the masses of this glorious achievement. I demand cupcakes, preferably of some miraculous, beer-themed variety.

Let's see... Last year, I saw the yet-again arrival of a friend to the City and had a date cancelled. I'd wonder if this year it might also be a somewhat eventful day, but, as I'm fond of noting, such queries might be asking for a less-than-sunny day to befall you. So I shall just assume it will be as normal as things can get around here.

I have been distant, I feel. I apologize. How are things?
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Would rum muffins be acceptable?
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What we really need is a nice, large german chocolate cake!

Also served with rum, of course.
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Well, it's not something you can really overdo, so by all means, continue as if you haven't.

Meanwhile, I will be in the kitchen.
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Yes, yes, I know. I really am just that amazing, aren't I? But it's your day to be served, old man, so I won't skimp a cent!
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You'd better! I intend for this thing to last you an entire month afterwards.