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thirteen- video

[Cue a hurried view of the streets. The view is clearly someone running from someone else as there's an angry shout from faraway-] "GET BACK HERE YOU ROTTEN PUNK!" [People jump out of the way to avoid the goose chase, some by surprise and others seem to move without looking up, almost like they were calmly told to move out of the way. There's a response to the faraway voice that sounds close and familiar.]

Only if you can catch me, fatass!

"THAT'S VANDALISM THAT YOU DID THERE, PUNK!" [Quentin turns the camera onto his face, and he looks super angry.]

Alright, fess up. Who called the truancy officers?
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Truancy officers typically take Saturdays off.

So, was it worth it?
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An investigation would mean they know enough about their suspect that one single hapless officer chasing you through the street wouldn't be likely.

So, what was it this time?
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Oh, for once you don't feel like showing off your work?
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You don't think I'd have enough to do that already? Quentin, keeping you in school has never been a legal problem.
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More like anti-social, really.
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For a very funny definition of sociability. Extroverted, sure, but I don't think they're quite the same thing.
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We're getting off-topic. So, spray painting?
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What's the matter, no sense of pride in your work?
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I'm not a man without culture, Quentin, I have often been known to appreciate the arts. But there is a large difference between that and the attention-seeking behavior of a young man.
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Which is exactly why you're making such a public display of being chased by the police, hmm?
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As it's certainly impossibly that you were simply caught in the act.
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You've never been terribly secretive, it isn't completely unthinkable.