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♞ five

[ The feed turns on and Max steps away from the communicator, which has been propped up so as to show him and Clint standing in the Avengers Embassy. Max smiles and adjusts his tie, before he begins to speak. ]

Hello there. I know -- I know, before I start, let me express my gravest condolences about the tragedies that have recently unfolded. Let it be known that the Avengers, for one, are working on taking steps to lessen the chances of some kind of repeat performance in the future. Super-villains are an epidemic, but we can at least help better prepare our heroes for the fight.

[ Clint makes no attempt to hide his boredom as Max speaks; he rolls his eyes for a moment before pursing his lips as Max discusses the last week’s events. Eventually, he elbows his way to the forefront of the video feed. ]

Yeah, yeah, no need to dress it up so much. Basically, this is a City full of people with powers — and that means training tends to take a few bites out of the place.

[ Max clears his throat. ]

Right -- well, exactly, what we need is community, and proactivity. We need action. Which is why I'm -- ah, we're -- happy to announce that, through tireless negotiations, location scouting, and careful budgeting, we now--

[ The eye-rolling continues until Clint sees fit to interrupt, holding up one hand. ]

We’re putting together a place that won’t collapse if someone with super strength hits their punching bag a little too hard.

[ Max smiles tensely, hiding his irritation. ]

A training facility, endorsed by the Avengers, to give anyone at all the chance to practice or hone their… talents, as well as meet possible partners for team-ups down the road. If you train together, you'll at least be prepared to work together when the next crisis hits.

[ If Clint senses that irritation and is immensely pleased by it, you’d never know it from his face. He just raises his eyebrows a bit as he speaks. ]

Right, right, it’s a great idea. Not surprising, since I came up with it.

[ Max grinds his teeth, but pats Clint on the shoulder. ]

Where would we be without Hawkeye? Good ideas should be funded and made into realities, which I was more than happy to do. We won't get anywhere without a little support, we're all part of this situation -- every one of us -- and all our contributions are going to make a difference.

[ Clint gives him a look that could melt lead and sidesteps. Clearly they are not in the “comfortable with touching” phase of this relationship, yet. ]

Yeah, okay. Solving the world’s problems one gym at a time. We can go with that.

Er -- right.

[ Max's brow furrows but he smiles again, a bit more convincingly for the cameras. He holds a photograph up. ]

The address is ( location ) and it's available for any Imports to use, free of charge. Just do us a favor and don't try to blow it up even if it can take it. Damages mean delays, and everyone deserves to get started right away.

[ Clint huffs out a breath. ]

Play nice, kids.

[ And then he cuts the feed because if he doesn’t he assumes Max will keep talking forever. ]
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What? Is this actually news to people here?
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It's certainly the fist I've heard of anything whatsoever. Max has been a perfectly capable manager of a superhero team, and in fact spoke out on behalf of all imPorts on our diplomatic tour!

What would lead you to believe he's trying to destroy them?
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Because he did it before? Back in our world? After years of managing a superhero team over there? And then turned around and killed the last Blue Beetle and tried killing every other superhero at that?

In a sick way if you think about he is a big part of WHY I'm the Blue Beetle. You know, on account of shooting the last one in the head.
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Well, that's--

That is a very serious accusation to level against the man. I'll need to look into this.
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Go ahead. And if the guy's on the level here and NOT amping up to pull another extermination off? That'd be really awesome and I'm pretty much for it except maybe not with THIS guy running all the shows.

And I'm not about to dive right in and pretend none of the garbage I had to go through because of him before ever happened. So yeah. Grains of salt and all that.

Ask him. Ask Wonder Woman. Ask...whoever's left that remembers the whole ordeal. I don't even know anymore. Lucky him Batman or Superman aren't here to remember? Or hell, Booster Gold.
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It's times like these that I wish Amanda were still here. She knew the ins and outs of your universe better than anyone else.

And...Ted, I suppose. He might have known something about this, at least.
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Better than me, yeah.
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Was there mind control involved? Maybe some other form of mental instability, possibly as a result of an external chemical imbalance?

We have some history with that.
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Well, he WAS trying to mind-control Superman into killing people...That's why Wonder Woman killed him. Huge mess ensued, but I missed that year.

So like I said, ask him. Ask her. I wasn't in the room because I was busy getting my 16-year old butt thrown into space to blow up satellites while barfing into the airsick bags and then losing that year later. I'm not going to have the meat and potatoes you want.
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You really have quite the history with lost time, don't you?
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One way or the other, I guess so. I try not to think about it all that much, because it makes me cynical and depressed.

Oh, lookie there.

How about checking back in maybe later? I'm gonna go do something that doesn't make my teeth grind loudly without something delicious between them.
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Right, sorry. I'll try to be in touch once I know more.
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These aren't very minor ideas, Max, and he hasn't shown himself to be unreliable in the past.

Listen, I like you, I think we work well together, and I want to trust you. But I don't think it would be fair to brush this aside like a boy crying wolf.
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gently switches back to voice

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[There's a bit of hesitation, maybe a long pause, but he starts his feed all the same, eventually.]

You do deserve to share your side of the story, I think you've more than earned that much.
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A fair bit, most of it secondhand but...well, you can't be effective in this business without a working knowledge of these things.
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[All too clear, he's afraid.] So, these actions were undertaken while you were the victim of outside compulsion? Was it your experience with the powered community that made you such a fitting subject?

[But then, something fits a little weirdly with this.] He said that you were mind controlling others, this Superman fellow.
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Well, if that is what happened, then I don't think it could be considered so impenetrable.

[There's a scuffling sound, like he's taken off his glasses to clean them.] But that's what it is, isn't it? Mind control?
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I've seen a great many with those capabilities who were actually more resistant. [He paused.] Though that doesn't rule out the possibility of exception.

...Had you ever discovered who was responsible?

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