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one: voice

[the voice clicks on and, after a panicked pause, Connors starts to speak]

I'm back?

[The dawning sense of horror pretty much takes over as he realizes oh shit, he's actually back. When Connors speaks again, it's slightly panicked.]

Oh God, I'm back. You've got to lock me up. I don't care that I haven't done anything here, you've got to lock me back up. Put me in an asylum, in the jail, do something. I can't be out here. Please.

[He pauses for a second, then starts talking again, not really knowing what to do now.]

And Gwen? If you're here, then I'm so sorry.
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Dr. Connors! What seems to be the matter? If you could just calm down, I'm sure we can find some way to help.
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You are certainly not communicating an aura of calm at the moment, Doctor. Just take a few deep breaths and walk us through what happened.
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I recall you mentioning something along those lines, yes.

What do you mean by "too well"?
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That...can be one of the drawbacks to self-experimentation. [Wow, why does this sound like it should be vaguely familiar? Maybe some published study he'd read once? Who knows how long ago that would have been!] Is there any threat of recurrence?
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Then it may be unwise to incarcerate you without a proper examination. If you're as dangerous as you seem to believe, it will be important for whatever institution to know what they can expect.
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No, they certainly are. I can tell you that from experience.

Though we could at least discern if this will be an ongoing issue for you.
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I'll talk to Danger, then, see if I can't arrange something.
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Be safe, Dr. Connors. Hopefully I will see you before long.