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-- ain't puttin' up with this again.

[ the camera jostles a little before the feed becomes steady, focusing on lillian crawley's aggravated face.

it's hard to tell what's making her mad -- the list of things that could set her off probably stretches around the earth twice -- but you might notice on the couch behind her is a humanoid woman with vibrant blue dreadlocks and white eyes. she's dressed in a large sweater and little else -- and judging by the scratches on her arms and her throat, it was a fight for lil to get even that on her.

I ain't. Someone else can babysit her goddamn bot ass. If she thinks I'm gonna let her stay here after she comes waltzin' in, tellin' me my husband's really gone an' she's upset about it --

[ lil purses her lips. her face is angry, but the slight break in her voice suggests she's choosing anger over more miserable feelings right now. ]

Someone come an' take her. Before she blows her own goddamn head off again.
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Always. But a chance isn't a promise, you have to grow past the need.
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You can. You just have to believe you can. Don't let me misrepresent this, it will be a process, and likely a long one, but it's by no means impossible.

I...may have the number of someone who could help, if you're interested.
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You don't have to be crazy to need help, Lil. Do you think I have the number to a good therapist I can personally vouch for by random happenstance?
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They're only a stranger at first, and certainly a more professional than the strangers you're talking to about it right now.

Having a grounded, unbiased third party helps, Lil. I'm telling you this from experience.
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No, they'll help you to identify the problems at their source, and to formulate strategies to overcome them. If there's fixing you need, only one person can manage that.
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But the problems haven't conveniently disappeared either, have they?
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It's the unfortunate thing about the messes others contribute to our lives. There will never be anyone else who can clean them, not completely. But there will be people at least willing to grab a broom.