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[video] Wild Tiger's comm

So, uh. I've kind of got a really dumb question. Bear with me.

How do people who've been here a long time count their birthdays? Is it like, you still want to have them even though we're gonna go back to where we started when we got Ported here? Or is it more like having free time to prolong your youth as long as possible?

Because if it's typical to count your birthdays, well. I'm gonna be 40 this weekend. And without my best friend or my partner here to give me crap about it, I guess I'm at the mercy of my new friends here to send me over the hill. Preferably with a lot of alcohol.

...oh, but if time doesn't count here? Then forget I said anything about 40! Nope, I didn't say that. I'm not that old, seriously.
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Forty, huh? That's a big mile marker.
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Birthdays kinda do that, huh? Oh--as far as keeping track, I kinda just. Went from what month it was here and just went with it.
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Why? Birthdays are awesome! Someone bakes you a cake ad you get presents. There are pretty much zero bad things about them.
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'Cause you think you're getting old?
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Look, forty isn't old. I've met guys who are like, three hundred times older than that.
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It actually is not an exaggeration.
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Yeah. He liked to tell a lot of stories.
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More like not-so-miniature history lessons.
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So long as you don't break a hip.
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Jeez, you're really that old and still clinging to your youthful ideals?
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The young are usually idiots.

But I guess it's something of an accomplishment. Yeah, happy birthday, and congratulations. If you survived that long as a superhero, maybe you're only somewhat of an idiot.
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[The slightest awkward pause.]

I suppose I might as well.
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Happy? You really are incorrigible. Fine, I'll be there.
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Yeah. Heroes are seriously the most annoying existences.

[But for once, there's little actual vitriol in his voice.]
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Time here doesn't technically make a difference when we get Ported out, but I'm pretty sure we still get older. So you might as well celebrate it, right?
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That depends on who's footing the bill.
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[ Amused: ]

Hey, come on, I was just kidding. I'd come even if you weren't paying... but I'll take you up on that free drink anyway.
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I'm not that much of a drinker, so you don't have to worry about spending too much.

Something kind of came up for me this Saturday, though, so if your party's then, I'm probably going to be late.
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Don't have much of a social life, huh?