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[molly is sitting in cafe, cheeks and nose rosy since she's just come in from the cold. the comm is sitting askew on the table, and bags from various shops are visible on the chair beside her and also pushed on to the table. she undoes her scarf and other wintery clothes, and picks up the comm with a big smile.]

I love Boxing Day shopping! I guess it isn't quite the same here in the States as it is back home, but it's almost there. And I got loads of thing!

[she turns the camera to the bags, as if they haven't already been seen. an about face of the comm and her smile falters a little.]

I mean, it isn't all for me, I'm going to donate a lot of it. And, you know, keep it around. Just--just in case. People come back.

[the smile fades now, and she has to take a moment to get it back, but she's speaking as if chatting with an old friend now.]

Well anyway, it was a nice way to spend a day off. How was your Boxing Day? I hope some of you got some good shopping done!

[backdated to this afternoooon]
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... You had to lay somebody out to get all that? You can do that?
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You keep saying "boxing day," so... You knock somebody out, and you get stuff?

That's pretty tight. I wish I'd known about that.
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Oh. Really?

Why's it called that, then?

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Not to knock your hobbies, Molly, but "good" and "shopping" going together isn't really my style.

Unless maybe it's the American Science & Surplus catalog.
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Urgh. [An elaborate shudder.] Thanks, but no thanks.

You don't happen to know Kanaya, do you?
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One of the trolls. She did fashion spreads and suchlike for City Lights, back when that was still running, dunno if you ever read it.
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In case people come back. Lost someone then, I take it?

[ His tone is so casual and familiar that it almost softens the lack of tact. In a way. ]
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Possibly. Have most people had them returned, as well?
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You're optimistic enough to shop for the occasion. Personally, I don't find optimism anything to be ashamed of. A person does have to believe in something to make it forward in life.

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Little bit of retail therapy?
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I won't argue there.

[ Sometimes punching people doesn't do the trick. ]

It's nice of you to donate brand new clothes.
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Don't think so. It does help when there's a sale.

[ Donating is nice, but new clothes mean they'll last longer. ]

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Goodnesss, it must have been total madness out there.
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Got yourself some good deals, did you.
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[Aw. just like poor people.


Let's hear it.

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