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[and shaky, as he's trying to hold it, keep his coat closed, and wrangle two cats all at the same time. Alastair is beyond panic - he heard about the buildings and ran to evacuate Hell Towers 10th Floor before anything serious happened]

Does. Does anybody have space for a guy and a couple cats until this weird building thing is over? Ow! Dammit, Aome, no, stay here!

'cause I mean I can sleep at Dancitron if I have to but I'm not bringing the cats there.

Shit, look at all the buildings...
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The Institute has dormitories and other spaces available. We will house as many as is possible.
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... Ah. Well. [ He's not happy about it, the place is going to get crowded as it is, but he's not going to shove helpless creatures out onto the street. ] If you can keep a strict eye on them, it should be fine.
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If you insist. I just thought I'd make the offer a clear one.

Stay safe, wherever you do.
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You're not exactly selling their good qualities, but ja. I am sure someone somewhere can mind a couple of cats.
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The same can be said about much of the City.
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It seems wide-spread, yes. I cannot say how far it's extended, but it is... Dreadful. Massive.
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Nein. There's been no real telling.
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Nor I.

Hopefully, there will be an explanation and solution soon. Otherwise, I am not sure what we are meant to do.
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I suppose so. I cannot advise anything much better than that.