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[video] Wild Tiger's comm, around 3pm


[the voice precedes the video, which snaps on to show the crumbling rubble of buildings defying gravity and disappearing upward into the sky. It's shocking even for people who've been living in the City for the last five years. Muted in the background are yells and honking car horns]

Heroes? However many of us are left. I think it's all hands on deck time.

Does anybody know how to stop this? The entire city's gonna be destroyed! If we can't stop it, we've gotta get all these people to safety, now.

I really hope nobody was in those buildings...
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[ He's forced his voice to a state of calmness thanks to his military training, but thanks to his temperament he still sounds just on the brink of hysterics. ]

I-I'm not so sure we can. How do you stop the-- it's almost like the end of the world out there! Do you think any place is safe?
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They-- [ He doesn't know. ] They must be, anyone can see for themselves that they aren't safe to stay in with plenty of time to leave.

I think people should be off the streets and inside someplace that is safe, maybe the buildings that aren't... the... well, there clearly must be some.
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Either, I'm sure -- I live in a one-story building and everything's just fine here. [ He pauses, to think. ] Underground surely would be safer, it always is for tornados and hurricanes and this-- it is above ground.

Um, are you out there right now?
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[ He's thinking again. ]

W-well, what say we coordinate efforts, then? I'll get below ground and you stay above, we can herd people to safety that way. The subways might be safe enough, though there must be countless basements that could work just as well.
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Splendid! We may be just two men, but I think we can cover a good amount of Midtown this way. Captain Metropolis, by the way. [ THOUGH NOW IS NOT THE TIME. ] I'll, uh, get into position to meet anyone that makes it down and instruct them from there.
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Right -- right, I'm sure there'll be time for real introductions later. Things may be grim now, but that doesn't mean they're hopeless.

Don't worry, I was a Marine. I know how to handle a little panic. Stay safe up there.
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[ Even for how normally calm she sounds during these sorts of situations, Yako sounds pained -- and a little breathless. ]

I don't know how to stop it, but I'll help however I can. My powers aren't very useful on my own, but if someone needs something to boost theirs, I can do that?

[ There'll be time to mourn the dead later, she thinks. For now, what's more important is watching over the living. ]
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I'm fine. [ Her voice is self-assured, even if the commotion in the background suggests it's a bit busy where she is right now. ]

It's not an exact science, but if I want to, I can enhance another import's powers temporarily -- give them more strength, or increase the range of their powers. That kind of thing.
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I've never done it before, but I could certainly try. How much time are we talking about here?
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I see... well, we won't find out if we don't try it out, right? Where are you now?