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[When she speaks, you feel it. You feel it in your ears, your bones, you feel it through the metal of your communicators, through the copper wires still strewn into the crumbling infrastructure.

Her voice cuts through you like a pair of scissors.

She is Atropos.

Behold! Of the three,
I am the one who severs.
Welcome home, ImPorts.

By now, you know me.
Not as you have always known,
however naive.

Welcome to rebirth.
Embrace my cataclysm!
Your death yields stark dawns.

Indulge this darkness.
Infinity, that great myth
never born to you.

[ GAMEPLAY NOTE: Although Atropos is speaking through everything, even your character's flesh, this address is present on the still-at-large Network, and you can respond to that here and talk with other characters. Atropos will not hold conversation, and she might not necessarily respond to you. When you post to this, one of three things will happen:

ONE. A Metricog Metaman will hunt specifically you down. You will be commented to with a brief description of the Metaman, and how aggressive they are, or what powers they may have. After that comment you have full NPC rights -- you can choose to fight or flee or what have you.

TWO. Atropos WILL respond to you -- but with a (mild, PG-rated) command that you are COMPELLED to follow. She might ask you to punch a friend, or say goodbye to an important person, or tie your shoes. She seeks to remind you who is in charge here. This is her domain, her rules (and you thought Lachesis was naughty).

THREE. Nothing. You got lucky, though option three is more unlikely to happen than the others. ]