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006: [video]

[ The video doesn't start focused on Yako; rather, it's trained on what appears to be a section of road that simply drops off, like a cliff's edge. Beyond it, stars and planets pinwheel lazily past. ]

Pretty amazing view, isn't it? The laws of physics obviously don't mean much here. I don't think I even recognize any of these...

[ She trails off, as something else comes into view, closer to the camera -- wait, do your eyes deceive you, or does that look like a city made of pastry? ... Yeah, that's exactly what it is. The camera jerks as Yako leans forward. ]

Hey, look at that! Do you think that's all edi--aaaahhHH!

[ Aaand the feed cuts off rather abruptly as Yako slips off the edge of the City's landmass. Welp. ]


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[ Well, that's not good. ]

Are you okay?!

oops i meant video;

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A sponge cake.

[ ... ]

How did you find that place, anyway?
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[Well - at least he knows she's okay.]

Be careful.
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Power Girl can fly. You should ask her to come save you.
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[Oh. Have a bit of a self-conscious pause.]

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[He sounds a little surprised she should ask. Cole looks down, lips pressing together. No, he's not all right, because he's stressed and panicked and lost. But no harm has come to him yet - not even when he was chased down by a crowd of ghosts.]

I'm fine. Thanks.
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No. [he shakes his head, eyes still down.] I have some friends.

[He says friends because he can't think of a better term.]
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[A pause.]

I don't want to die alone.
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[no he is not ok because everyone dies alooooooooone]

You don't know that.

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Does that work for you?